“As Jim stated at Fidelity they have very talented pool of analysts with their fancy degrees from the Ivy league school and powerful computers, but my question is why can’t they beat your investment performance or that of your partner Dan Wiener? I finally decided to invest practically all my money in your model portfolio (Growth & Income) and in Dan’s corresponding one since 2006. You guys not only beat [Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service] results every year, but by a wide margin.” – E.K., Fullerton, California

“I liked the question from W.S. [about Fidelity Select Healthcare] in this month’s newsletter, but I loved your reply! Your response illustrated the very premise of long-term investment and to not lose sleep over the short term blips. I have been a follower of Fidelity Investor for over 20 years, and thanks to your sage advice, I am now happily and quite comfortably retired! Thanks for all the help and advice!” – R.F.B., Broomfield, Colorado

“Thank you for your great service and another year of great advice. I am an avid follower of your newsletter and recommend it to anyone who asks how I get my investment advice. I do use your portfolios for both my retirement and non-retirement savings. ” – J.P.L., Concord, NH

“I have subscribed to your Fidelity Investor newsletter since 1999 and invest using several of your model portfolios. I really appreciate your investment guidance and the returns that have resulted. Thank you for all of your help!” – M.M., Albuquerque, NM

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