Live Interviews from Las Vegas Money Show

It is a bit after-the-fact, but I have finally received the links to my 3 interviews at the recent Las Vegas Money Show. And here they are:

Best Global Investing Bets

Favorite ETF and Fund Picks

A Moderate Global Setback


My only caveat with these clips is that my comment from May regarding Japan no longer applies in June. Last month I turned toward Japan based on my view that Abenomics would provide
enough of a recipe for smaller cap Japanese companies benefitting from domestic
consumers, but then volatility swept in.

The extreme moves in
Japanese stocks suggests that there is both a fear of Abenomics not being able
to uproot old ways of doing business in Japan and a bigger fear … that if our
Fed starts tapering the rug will be pulled out from under Abenomics. In
macrocosm, that latter issue has lent volatility to the emerging market space;
only exacerbated by a Eurozone which teeters on the brink of recession (albeit
with rubies in the rubble) and is as vulnerable to trying to game our Fed’s
moves as much as it is to any actual Fed moves.

This means
assumptions of a global recovery need to be downsized; and overseas markets are
downsizing on both new assumptions for slower and lower growth as well as newly
kindled concerns over what our Fed may or may not do.