Fidelity Retirement Survey for Married Couples

Fidelity announced today that there is yet another topic that married couples can disagree on. It’s not parenting styles, what movie to watch on Friday night, or whether or not to buy a pool table. It’s retirement finance. In a survey conducted by Fidelity, drawing on a pool of 500 couples born between the years of 1937 and 1964, it was found that most couples agree on the type of investment product they use in their retirement plan (i.e. Fidelity vs. Vanguard or another investment company, or stocks vs. mutual funds). And that’s about it. The range of disagreement was much wider.

Here’s a short list: Age of retirement; is one or both spouses going to continue to work; at what age will your spouse begin to draw on a pension; how much of a financial cushion should be worked into the equation to hedge against health problems; etc.

While this is instructive from a retirement stand point, and amusing from a married stand point, what this survey says to me, however, is that it’s not so much that married couples don’t agree on retirement issues, it’s that they probably haven’t even talked about the details enough to even know if they agree or not. Yes, it’s painful; but you gotta do it. You just finished dealing with taxes. Why not talk about it now while finances are fresh in your mind? It can count as your date night. Click here for the full text of the survey.