March 6, 2007 NBR Interview

You can read the transcript from the Nightly Business Report from March 6th at You can also watch the video file, but that will only be available until about 9PM today when it will be replaced by the March 7th broadcast file. That link is Read (or watch) what Jim and Dan Wiener had to say about recent market volatility, ETFs, and their favorite Fidelity and Vanguard funds and post a comment below.

Small note: The person who made this transcript clearly doesn’t know much about ETF’s. The ONEQ has been transcribed as the “one, two.” Or perhaps Jim needs to work on his annunciation.

Summary of Jim’s Favorite Fidelity Funds

Low Priced Stock (Value Fund as a substitute)

International Small Cap Opportunity (for overseas)

Consumer Staples (as a purely defensive play)

Dividend Growth (as a great core large cap fund)

Summary of Dan’s Vanguard Picks

Selected Value

Global Equity

Health Care

Capital Opportunity