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1. What kind of investor are you?
Income Investor: Seeks high current yield with low risk, along with opportunity for some moderate capital appreciation to stay ahead of inflation. Currently retired or near retirement.
Conservative Growth and Income Investor: Seeks to match the market's returns, with emphasis on income and moderate capital appreciation. 5+ years investing horizon before retirement.
Growth Investor: Seeks above average returns and willing to accept moderate volatility. Longer-term investing horizon of 10+ years.
Aggressive Growth Investor: Active trader seeking to maximize capital growth with little or no need for current income. Long-term investing horizon.
Don't know
2. What are your top financial concerns about retirement? (Check all that apply.)
Outliving my money
Avoiding loss—protecting my capital
Not having enough income to pay normal monthly expense
Not having enough money for medical costs, in event of serious illness or accident
Not being able to maintain my current standard of living
Other: please specify...
3. How confident are you about investing in the market on your own?
I feel confident and make all my own investment decisions
I feel somewhat confident—make most investment decisions on my own, while relying partially on professional advice
I don't feel confident and I don't trust my judgment when it comes to making investment decisions
4. Do you currently invest in Fidelity funds?
5. Do you prefer actively managed funds to index funds (or vice versa )?
Actively managed
Doesn't matter

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