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Who operates Fidelity Investor?

Fidelity Investor is published by InvestorPlace Media LLC, a publisher specializing in publications that provide over one million readers with independent investment advice and award winning financial leadership.

What is the Fidelity Investor newsletter?

Fidelity Investor is an multiple award winning, independent investment advisory service helping investors use the Fidelity family of mutual funds to meet financial goals. Editor-in-Chief Jim Lowell, the leading expert on investing at Fidelity, gives members objective and unbiased recommendations on Fidelity funds. The Fidelity Investor is not affiliated in any manner with, and is completely independent of, Fidelity Investments.

Our service includes a monthly newsletter covering each and every one of Fidelity’s retail mutual funds with specific buy, hold, sell recommendations plus performance returns to show you how well (or, how badly) your Fidelity fund has performed. We’ll fill you in on the best Fidelity funds to be invested in and which funds you should strongly avoid. Members have a choice of nine easy-to-follow models using only Fidelity funds and ETFs to formulate a personal investment strategy, whether you’re a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor.

What is Fund Family Shareholder Association (FFSA)?

The Fund Family Shareholder Association (FFSA) is an independent investor association providing objective financial information on mutual funds and protecting the interests of mutual fund investors. FFSA has tens of thousands of members from all over the United States. FFSA membership is provided to all subscribers of Fidelity Investor at no additional charge.

What makes Fidelity Investments a great place to invest my money?

Fidelity Investments has long been a leader in providing high-quality financial instruments to American investors. Ned Johnson III, founder of Fidelity, started out managing Fidelitys flagship Magellan fund and slowly built up what 50 years later is the largest private fund company, with over $900 billion dollars in managed assets.

If you are investing at Fidelity, you already know the maxim “bigger is better” has never been more applicable. Fidelitys extraordinary resources enable the company to pass on wonderful benefits to Fidelity investors, including talented fund managers, great fund performance, and a comprehensive one-stop shop for terrific funds in all categories.

Fidelity management has always prided themselves on investing in only the best technology for their employees and investors. Once again, theyve proven themselves as a technological leader with a comprehensive web site boasting easy investor access to personal accounts and trading abilities.

And because of their huge size, Fidelity commands a powerful respect in the financial world; the boards of directors of multinational blue-chip companies, many of which won’t give smaller financial outfits the time of day, strive to maintain good relationships with Fidelity’s stock-picking analysts and researchers.

With so many funds, and fund companies, to choose from, how can investing with Fidelity make my financial life simpler?

Fund investors wisely choose Fidelity to house their investments because no matter what you’re investment style, youll find what you’re looking for under one roof. In addition to brokerage services, Fidelity offers exceptional growth-oriented as well as great international funds and, recently, they’ve created a selection of index funds; you can find what youre looking for and get the added benefit of consolidated statements to make your investing life even easier. Fidelity also offers 24-hours-a-day superior customer service, so no matter how hectic your personal life is, you can attend to your funds whenever it’s convenient for you.

As with everything, however, theres always room for improvement. Thats where Fidelity Investor steps in because, as with most fund companies, Fidelity has winning funds and funds you should steer clear of. Fidelity, despite a multitude of talented, “home grown” portfolio fund managers, has been known to play “musical chairs” with managers, and will not tell you when a talented strategist leaves a fund, and leaves you in the lurch. But we will. Fidelity advertises funds that they want you to know about, not always the fund that’s best for you.

Fidelity will also never warn you to sell a fund if the market takes a severe downturn, but we will. And we’ll also fill you in on many other “behind the scenes” secrets of successful investing at Fidelity to save you tax expenses, hidden fees and hopefully some sleepless nights too.

Who is Jim Lowell?

Mr. Lowell is the Boston-based Editor-in-Chief of Fidelity Investor. A graduate of Vassar College and Harvard University, Mr. Lowells path to becoming the countrys premier “Fidelity insider” started when he worked as a senior financial reporter for Fidelity Investments.

Today, in addition to his role as Editor-in-Chief of Fidelity Investor, he is also a member of the board for Adviser Investments, an investment advisory firm as well as the writer of several investment books, including How to Survive in the Real World, published by Penguin USA, 1996; Investing From Scratch, Penguin USA, 1997; Smart Money Moves, Penguin USA, 1999; and What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know, Wiley, 2006.

How long has Fidelity Investor been published?

Since January 1998.

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