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Fellow Investor,

When the market is flying, you need mutual funds that can keep up!

You know that all funds are not created equal.

Some money managers do best in bull markets. While others are all-stars because they lose the least in bear markets.

Pick the right funds at the right time and you’ve put the odds in your favor of not just making money…but making a lot more money than the average investor

The Fidelity Investor’s Fiercest Advocate

Jim Lowell is Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning independent newsletters, Fidelity Investor and Fidelity Sector Investor.

Jim is an unapologetic and independent voice for Fidelity shareholders who want better returns and less risk from their Fidelity funds.

He’s studied Fidelity for more than three decades, worked at the company and even “wrote the book” on it: “What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know” (Wiley, 2007).

Jim is the go-to authority for all things Fidelity and has appeared frequently on Fox Business News, and in Forbes, Barron’s, Businessweek, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Investment News, Money, and Smart Money to name a few. 

Jim was educated at Vassar College (B.A.), and holds Master’s degrees from both Harvard University, and Trinity College. He’s a former teaching fellow at Harvard University and lecturer Northeastern University College in Boston.

Today you can get Jim’s “teachings” directly from him, with a risk-free trial to Fidelity Investor.


Right now, you MUST own funds that thrive in bull markets.  Your starting point should be the three top bull market funds at America’s greatest mutual fund company, Fidelity.

How can I be so sure these are Fidelity’s best bull market funds to own right now? Simple:

No One Knows Fidelity
and Its Managers Like Me

My name is Jim Lowell, and for over 30 years, I’ve been studying the managers at Fidelity.

I would never claim to know where the market is going next. My expertise is understanding Fidelity’s managers inside and out. 

I worked at Fidelity for a time and used what I learned to write a top-selling book titled “What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know.”

Keeping tabs on such a large company is a full-time job and no one else I know puts the time in to understanding what’s going on behind the scenes at Fidelity and more importantly, what it means for Fidelity investors, like I do.

My Fidelity obsession is what allowed me to trounce the performance of the average Fidelity investor for nearly two decades.

The following chart shows how a $10,000 investment would have fared since April 1999 for the average Fidelity investor, versus my Aggressive Growth portfolio:

Fidelity Investor Aggressive Growth vs. the Average Fidelity Investor
(Growth of $10,000 since 1999)

After 19 years, following my recommendations made my subscribers 127% richer than the average Fidelity investor. On a $10,000 investment, that’s $24,000 in extra profits.

Many of my readers have told me that they’ve got many multiples of $10,000 invested at Fidelity, so their extra profits are not just $24,000, but $240,000, or more!

And I understand one thing above all else—the secret to picking the most lucrative Fidelity funds is…

Know The Manager!

As good as Fidelity is, some of their managers do just OK in bull markets but shine in bear markets, and vice-versa. Others get too focused on a single sector or overdiversify into too many stocks and can’t outperform their benchmarks.

Fidelity is Engineered to Create Bigger Profits For YOU

When people ask me why I focus on Fidelity, I give them a simple answer:   Fidelity has “cracked the code” on finding and empowering superior fund managers.

And those managers, in turn, give you better fund returns.

Fidelity has never had a year where at least half of their managers in any of their fund groups hasn’t beaten the benchmark.

And most years two-thirds or more of their managers have done better than the benchmark.

Fidelity’s secret is in how they identify talented managers.  

If you wanted to become a fund manager you’d have to make it through no fewer than 4 gauntlets of proving yourself superior to peers who want the same job.  

From summer internship…to junior analyst…to analyst …to senior analyst…at each step you’d have to deliver money-making insights superior to your competition. 

To become the manager of a diversified equity fund, you’d have to take another huge leap—proving yourself as a sector fund manager against dozens of talented investors who jumped through all the same hoops as you.  

At every step, excellence is rewarded and mediocrity is weeded out.

The odds against a Fidelity fund manager surviving that gauntlet based on luck or chance or a hot streak are astronomical.

One other advantage of the “Fidelity Way” is the nearly limitless resources you’ve got at your disposal as a Fidelity fund manager or analyst.

Because it’s a private company and doesn’t have to answer to shareholders, Fidelity managers can get almost anything they want if they deliver exceptional returns.

Enormous travel budgets?   Extra analysts on staff?   Expensive data-crunching supercomputers?  

No problem as long as you deliver the results.  

Pair up talented managers with virtually unlimited resources and you’ve got a recipe for success that tastes great year after year.  As a Fidelity investor, you reap the benefits of these advantages.  

All you need is a guide like me to point you to the best Fidelity funds for every market climate.


I won’t pretend to know every fund manager’s Kryptonite, but I know most of them, thanks to a research project I embarked on over 20 years ago.

You see, at the time I was frustrated by the way most analysis of funds was done. Analysts would only look at a fund’s performance and pay no attention to the manager’s effect on returns.

If a manager left and was replaced, these analysts would give all the fund’s returns to the new guy… and forget all about the old guy.

That’s why I created a unique and unprecedented way to measure fund manager effectiveness.

My system has been the feature of major stories by Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal and it’s the reason why my model portfolios crush the market averages.

I won’t try to explain all the factors that go into my manager rankings, but in a nutshell, I give the highest marks to managers than can consistently beat their benchmarks… not just have one great year that covers up a bunch of losers.

And after doing thousands of hours of research, I’ve also identified managers who really shine at market extremes—good and bad.

As you can imagine, my list of top Fidelity managers is quite valuable. It should be—Fidelity has so many funds that the odds of you picking an inferior fund over one of the best are overwhelming!

And these managers can make a real difference in your portfolio if you put them to work for you at the times that they thrive. In a moment, I’ll tell you about a number of the standouts I trust and when.    

In fact, I’ve just completed a special report describing my top funds for 2017 and it reveals Fidelity’s best bull funds, best bear funds, plus a special “third” category.

I’ll explain how to get this report absolutely FREE in just a moment, but first let me give you a preview of how…

Fidelity’s Top Bull Market Funds & Managers Can Supercharge Your Gains

When a bull market comes calling, time is of the essence.

You don’t want to be stuck in funds that focus on the wrong sectors…or that hold too much cash…and most of all, that are run by managers who don’t know how to make the most of a good thing.

One of my favorite managers is Chris Lee, the manager of Fidelity Financial Services Fund. Other analysts might shy away from Lee because he’s only been managing this fund since 2013, but I’ve been watching him for years and have admired the strong record he’s compiled at other Fidelity funds since 2007.

Lee is an excellent manager, and is able to diversify his portfolio at this fund into banks, insurance, brokers, consumer finance and even financial software companies.

In economic expansions like the one we’re in now,, the volume and velocity of financial transactions accelerates, which is all to the good for the top-notch financial firms Lee has stacked his portfolio with.

So you’d better believe I’ll be picking up shares of Financial Services, and urge you to do so as well.

Two other top funds for bull markets are:

  1. A Fidelity fund specializing in all the companies that make up the Internet backbone is another fine choice. In an expanding economy, firms upgrade their equipment more aggressively, which usually means big earnings surprises for the kinds of stocks this fund owns. The manager is relatively new to the fund, but I like how he’s navigated this strange market so far.

  2. 4 Times Knowing Fidelity’s Best Bull and Bear Managers Paid Off For My Subscribers

    Knowing Fidelity’s managers inside and out has paid off big-time for my readers.  

    Here are just four of the countless examples of my knowledge translating into gains for investors just like you: 

    • I’m no market-timer, but I always take defensive measures when market risk rises above the red line.   On September 28, 2007, I bought into Cash Reserves (now called Government Cash Reserves) in the Aggressive Growth portfolio.  I also added more to his Cash Reserves stake in the Growth portfolios; both moves helped control our losses when the stock market peaked less than two weeks later and then began their 18-month nose dive. 
    • Fidelity’s 130/30 Large Cap Fund sounded like a promising approach when it launched in 2008.    I had high hopes when I first evaluated it in May 2008, but by February 2010, I urged investors to stay far away from this “terrible fund.”   In fact, I said the fund mugged investors, and that Fidelity needed to “fire the manager, close the fund, or do both.”   
    • While everyone bailed on Japan in recent years, we went the other way.  Knowing that Japan Small Companies Fund was a bull-market standout, we raked in 55% profits.  To motivate subscribers to act, I pointed out that the last time I was this bullish on Japan, my top Japan fund surged 237%.
    • In the November 2004 Fidelity Investor issue, I called out one of Fidelity’s bull-market underperformers:    “Large-Cap Stock. Sell. Karen Firestone continues to struggle at the helm of this fund; the last time she outperformed her S&P 500 benchmark was in 1999. I continue to rate this fund a Sell.”  On March 2, 2005, Firestone departed Fidelity to “pursue other opportunities.”  
    • Identifying star managers early can pay off big-time.   I recommended my readers buy Fidelity Low-Priced Stock back in February 2001 because manager Joel Tillinghast had proven himself to be a star with staying power.   And I’ve never recommended a Sell on this fund ever since.   Readers who followed my advice secured 365.1% in gains versus just 191.8% for its Russell 2000 Index benchmark and 121% for the S&P 500 Index

    Join Fidelity Investor risk-free today to get the benefit of my next great call.

  3. I’m also a big fan of one of Fidelity’s strongest managers in bull markets. This fund specializes in a niche of the health care sector that is a home for real innovation and excitement. This fund is a great way to profit from new technological breakthroughs. And thanks to the manager’s skillful maneuvering, it was up 13.4% in 2015, which made it the number one performer of all Fidelity’s domestic equity funds.

These funds, and all of the other funds I’ll describe in this briefing, are fully detailed in the FREE report I mentioned just a moment ago.  

If you own even one or two underperforming funds, you’ll want to get your hands on this report right away to learn the names, facts and figures behind superior investment options for your money.

In addition to the great bull market funds you’ll find in this report, you’ll also see how:

Fidelity’s Top Bear Market Funds & Managers
 Can Save Your Portfolio 

I’ll be honest, my favorite bear market funds don’t just have great managers; they are focused on areas of the market that tend to be recession-proof.

In times of trouble, investors of all stripes will gravitate toward stocks that pay dividends and provide everyday goods and services that we can’t do without.

But I won’t recommend even the “perfect” bear market fund if I don’t believe the manager brings added value to the table.

So it’s no wonder I’m putting Fidelity Health Care on the list of bear market funds. Health care is the ultimate “can’t-do-without” commodity, and Eddie Yoon, the long-time manager of this fund, is simply brilliant.

To see how Yoon succeeds in weak markets, look no further than his performance over the last eight years. Since 2008, his leadership has guided the fund to 331.1% returns, while the benchmark health care index is up just 229.4%. It’s no exaggeration to call this the one fund I’d own for the next 10 years in a “no peeking” portfolio.

Two more funds you’ll want to add to your portfolio the next time the bear comes calling:

  1. The manager of another of Fidelity’s standout health-care focused funds is a long-time pro and superb at navigating weak markets. In an awful 2008, this fund lost just 23.4%—a fair sight better than the S&P 500’s 37.0% loss. And over the last three mediocre years, he racked up a 13.83% return—nearly double the gain of the S&P 500.
  2. In a bear market, investors love companies that produce goods and services that you absolutely must have no matter what. That’s why I’m a big fan of another fund, run by an outstanding manager since 2006. And although this sector is sensitive to rising interest rates, the Fed has shown itself determined to leave rates alone at even the slightest hint of volatility in the stock market or overall economy. Another great choice when the market winds blow sour.    

FREEThese funds, like all of the funds I’ve revealed in this briefing, are fully detailed in a new FREE report I’ve just completed.

This report not only names 8 of Fidelity’s Finest Bull & Bear Funds for 2017, it also reveals 3 Fidelity funds that are absolute portfolio poison right now.

More details in a moment, but let’s move onto a special category of Fidelity funds that will serve you well in ALL markets.

Fidelity’s Top Evergreen Managers—The Best of the Best

As you can see, the right Fidelity funds can position you for success whether we’re in bull markets or bear.

But what if it isn’t clear what market we’re in?

Or what if you’re the kind of investor who wants to own the select few funds that do well no matter what’s going on in the market?

Those funds do exist, and I’ve identified them at Fidelity.

As you might imagine, the key is finding superstar managers—men and women who will thrive in every kind of market climate.

They aren’t always right, but they make enough good calls to outweigh the bad by a large margin. They make more when the sun is shining and lose less when storms are raging.

You’ll find their names, too in Fidelity’s Finest Bull & Bear Funds for 2017.

Here are two funds I’ve strongly recommended to my readers:

Hitch Your Wagon to a Fidelity Rising Star

I pride myself on being able to spot talented but little-known managers at Fidelity, and this fund manager is one I’ve liked ever since he proved himself at one of Fidelity’s best-performing sector funds.

Jim Lowell Delivers Double the Profits for His Readers

Since 1997, he’s been delivering value for his readers in the form of extra profits far beyond what the average Fidelity investor could even dream of.

In fact, a $100,000 investment in Jim’s top funds turned into $537,610. The average Fidelity investor only earned $246,227 on his investment. That’s $291,383 in extra profits!

Start Value $100,000 $100,000
1998 $119,745 $144,293
1999 $143,375 $161,904
2000 $136,445 $180,218
2001 $124,223 $164,393
2002 $107,777 $136,780
2003 $129,274 $185,307
2004 $140,527 $213,474
2005 $151,276 $247,119
2006 $167,871 $290,716
2007 $183,966 $319,426
2008 $132,736 $201.190
2009 $159,957 $259,696
2010 $176,626 $307,594
2011 $174,244 $308,223
2012 $191,433 $354,991
2013 $220,065 $455,249
2014 $233,075 $507,859
2015 $236,799 $514,760
2016 $246,227 $537,610


Find out how to get your share of the extra Fidelity profits you deserve, try Fidelity Investor risk-free.

Now he’s graduated to a fund that I firmly believe is going to be one of Fidelity’s top performers in a few years’ time. Here’s why: While being co-managed by this rising star, the fund has outperformed its benchmark over its 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year time periods.  And since he began managing the fund on his own, the fund has returned 60.7% versus 53.5% for its benchmark.

Unlike many funds with the name “value” in them, which are basically a blend of growth and value stocks selling at a discount to expectations, this manager is a dyed-in-the-wool value stock picker.

As he recently explained to me in an interview, he believes two factors account for his success. First, he looks for value anywhere and everywhere in the market. In fact, he uses three different valuation metrics to try to pinpoint stocks selling for less than their worth—an approach I doubt very few of his contemporaries employ.

Second, he keeps a tightly-focused portfolio of just 80 to 100 stocks, so his best ideas aren’t diluted by second-tier names.

The name of this fund is revealed in Fidelity’s Finest Bull & Bear Funds for 2017, as is the name of:

The Fund That Builds Wealth Without Owning a Single Stock

This member of my favorite evergreen funds is unique in a couple of ways.

First, it’s a bond fund. I think too many advisors don’t pay enough attention to the benefits of bonds even in this low-interest rate environment. There’s a lot to be said for steady income, low volatility and an investment that can gain in value when stocks go down.  

And a great manager can make a real difference to a bond fund’s bottom line just the way he or she can to a stock fund—by boosting returns and lowering risk.

Button: Start Your Risk-Free Trial!Second, this fund invests in a wide-range of bonds from emerging markets. That may sound a bit risky at first blush, but this fund’s manager has been in the emerging markets bond business longer than some of those emerging market countries have actually been around!

Investors are right to be nervous about China, Russia and the volatile commodity prices that so many emerging economies depend on, but this manager has sifted through the bargain-shelf merchandise to come up with surprisingly strong securities for his portfolio.

Here’s what I mean: the fund yields three times more than our own 10-year Treasuries, but its volatility is 31% lower than the S&P 500.   


I have a number of favorite plain-vanilla bond funds that I like for diversification, but if you trust great managers who win in both bull and bear markets like I do, definitely check this one out. Get Fidelity’s Finest Bull & Bear Funds for 2017 for full details.

This report is completely FREE for new members of my investing advisory service, Fidelity Investor.

Fidelity Investor is where I first revealed the outstanding qualities of all these superior funds, it’s where I show you how to avoid the worst funds and where I keep you up to date on all the happenings inside Fidelity on a 24-7 basis.

For instance:

Would You Give
“The Worst Stock Picker” 5 Stars???

Morningstar Did!

Here’s why I study Fidelity’s managers so closely…and why it pays off for my readers.

In 1999, Fidelity Growth Strategies (FDEGX) (previously Fidelity’s Aggressive Growth) fund had a stellar year, thanks to standout manager Erin Sullivan.

But Sullivan departed early in 2000, and new manager Rob Bertelson took over.

Morningstar kept the fund’s 5-star rating despite the manager change, but I immediately alerted my readers and told them to sell the fund and move the money elsewhere.

I was even quoted in Barron’s as calling Bertelson, “The worst stock picker I’ve ever seen, bar none.”

Fidelity and Morningstar howled but I had the last laugh when Bertelson managed to lose 84% of his shareholders’ money before he was finally shown the door.

How did I know he was trouble?

I dug into his track record at the three funds he had managed prior to taking over the new fund and saw that his track record was never that great in up markets and he managed to lose twice as much as the benchmark on the way down.

That’s the kind of edge I give you every month in Fidelity Investor.

Fidelity Investor Reveals Secrets that
Make You More Money

Getting you into the very best Fidelity funds for bull and bear markets is the most valuable benefit of my service.

But there are dozens of other ways to boost your returns, cut your costs, lower your taxes, get into “closed” funds, and just plain simplify your life. When you join me, you’ll learn a whole host of money-making and money-saving secrets.

Jim Lowell on CNBC

Here are just a few of the ways I can help you navigate Fidelity more successfully:

  • You’ll always know which Fidelity managers are worthy of your money. My proprietary quantitative system takes the guesswork out of investing in Fidelity. It’s been proven accurate and reliable and extremely lucrative for those who choose to follow it.
  • You’ll hear about new developments at Fidelity first. I was one of the first to break the news of Fidelity’s launch of ETF products and I’ve broken countless other stories in my years as a Fidelity watchdog. But more importantly…
  • Start Your Risk-Free Trial to Fidelity Investor Today!You’ll understand Fidelity like only an insider can. The “what” of Fidelity’s doings is important to be sure, but figuring out what to do with that knowledge about new fund launches, manager changes, new policies and rules at Fidelity is even more valuable.
  • You’ll get an independent advocate for your money at Fidelity. I’ll show you how to navigate Fidelity’s system like a champ—understanding your statements, maneuvering around their website, using their brokerage service, requesting a loan, getting your problems resolved…in short, helping you make sure not a single dollar or minute is wasted while your money is with Fidelity.
  • You’ll solve the #1 frustration of Fidelity investors. Fidelity is just too darn big to figure out on your own! Fidelity has scores of “hidden treasures”—money market funds, ETFS, annuities, tax-free funds, index funds—but they fly under the radar. I’ll show you how the best of them can meet your needs and warn you away from the bad apples that can slow you down.
  • You’ll get a guide to Fidelity’s great collection of fixed income funds. Stock funds get all the ink, but Fidelity’s bond funds are superb, too. They’re low-cost, run by some of the best managers in the industry, and I’ll steer you towards the best if income and safety are your primary investing goals.

Fidelity Investor is simply the best way to stay on top of new funds, manager changes, innovative new investing strategies at Fidelity, economic developments that change our investing strategy and more inside information than you’d ever imagine.

Each 12-16 page issue is packed with a complete review of the latest month’s news, a spotlight on the hottest sectors and top-performing funds, special features like our recent breakdown of the ins and outs of bond investing at Fidelity, manager interviews, and much more.

Sign up now, and it can all be yours.

For a Lot Less Than You Think!

You might think that it would cost hundreds of dollars a year to tap into my analysis and advice.

But you’d be wrong.

What would you say if I could help you beat the average Fidelity investor by 118%…understand Fidelity like an insider…always be invested alongside the best managers in bull and bear markets…for about $8 a month?

That’s all it costs to join Fidelity Investor and tap into all the benefits of membership that I offer to my new subscribers:

  • My award-winning monthly advisory, which gives you my market outlook and analysis, breaking news, eye-opening original research, manager interviews and much more
  • Weekly hotline updates to keep you up to speed on any breaking news or shifts in fund performance
  • My special introductory special report, Fidelity’s Finest Bull & Bear Funds for 2017, detailing the handful of funds you MUST own if you want to beat the performance of the average investor
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4 Bonus ReportsYours FREE!

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Fidelity’s Finest Bull & Bear Funds For 2017

Start with 462 Fidelity funds. Eliminate the hundreds of funds with mediocre performance or managers that are just “ok” and you’re left with scores of funds that merit a “buy” rating from me.

Cut down the list further and you’ll find a few dozen funds that I’d be willing to trust my own investment funds to.

But if you narrow the list down to just the best of the best, you’ll get the funds that populate my model portfolios and qualify as Fidelity’s Finest.

In this special report, you’ll find the 8 funds that belong at the top of your list—the three best for bull markets, the 3 best for bear markets, plus 2 elite “evergreen” funds that are so good I’d hold them through thick and thin.

Mix and match these elite funds as I direct and you’ll be well on your way to achieving what my subscribers have— 118% higher returns than the average Fidelity investor.

You’ll also find 3 Fidelity funds I don’t think I’ll ever own. To see why I’m taking such a strong stand, join me at Fidelity Investor!

Top Fidelity Sector Funds and ETFs

With dozens of sector funds and ETFs to choose from at Fidelity, it’s easy to go wrong. That’s why you’ll love this special report.

It breaks down 11 terrific opportunities among the minefield of Fidelity sector choices. I can’t promise we’ll hit home runs like Fidelity Retailing did in 2015 (+18.4%), but you can bet your bottom dollar I won’t recommend a dog like Fidelity Natural Gas (-36.8%) either.

Many of Fidelity’s superstar managers are quietly piling up great returns in out-of-the-way and unglamorous corners of the market. While other investors miss out, you’ll know about them first and cash in alone.

Yours free when you join Fidelity Investor for two years.

Ranking Fidelity’s True Genius: Fidelity Fund Managers Exposed!

If you’ve read this far, you know that the key to picking Fidelity’s best funds is very simple—pick the best managers!  Fidelity’s unique system for developing great stock pickers is no accident—it’s a culture that rewards talent and this report breaks down all of Fidelity’s managers’ strengths and weaknesses.

As this report explains, I blend 5 different factors that incorporate returns, risk, volatility and more to isolate which managers are truly brining value to the table. I also break down returns over different time periods so you can see whether a manager is on a hot streak or is actually a consistent outperformer.

My final “Fidelity Investor” ranking is the gold standard of fund manager rankings—an evaluation that has proven its accuracy and value for over 2 decades.

Yours free when you join Fidelity Investor for two years. 


The Worst Fidelity Funds No One Should Own

As much as I love Fidelity’s strengths, I couldn’t call myself truly independent if I didn’t also point out their flaws.

Like these funds. They do not belong anywhere near your portfolio and your smartest investing move for 2017 could be simply banishing them from your portfolio forever. Some funds are poorly constructed, others have misguided goals, and of course, some have managers that just aren’t cutting it.

Get rid of them before it’s too late!

Once you get your hands on all these membership benefits, you’ll wonder why you ever tried to invest in Fidelity’s funds on your own!

But if you’re still on the fence, let me offer you one final inducement:

Try Fidelity Investor Completely RISK-FREE!

As great a deal as my introductory membership offer is, I want to make sure you try my service with absolutely no reservations whatsoever.

So I’m making this offer with my personal No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Try Fidelity Investor for the next 6 monthslearn the names of all my favorite funds in Fidelity’s Finest Bull & Bear Funds for 2017… read my review of every single Fidelity fund…adjust your portfolio to match my market-beating portfolios… get my monthly newsletter and follow its strategies… stay in tune with all the Fidelity developments on new managers, new funds and top performers with my weekly hotline… all at my risk.


If after 6 months of following my recommendations you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply call my customer service team, and I will refund every single penny you’ve paid. All bonus reports and all issues of the newsletter are yours to keep FREE with my compliments just for giving us a try.

If you decide to cancel after 6 months, you’ll receive a refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

The Clock is Ticking—
Do it Now

One investing principle I’ve repeated to my readers countless times is that “time IN the market” is a thousand times more important that “timing the market.”

Hiring the best fund managers for bull and bear markets is simply your safest and most certain path to investment wealth.

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You deserve the best—get it now by joining Fidelity Investor.


Jim Lowell
Editor, Fidelity InvestorFREE

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