Sometimes It Takes a Stroke of            SHEER GENIUS to Get Ahead – and Stay Ahead.
Fidelity expert Jim Lowell shares his #1 fund for 2017

If your 401(k) is in danger of eroding away, this may be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read. Take 2 minutes now to discover:

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Dear Fidelity Investor,

"Jim, if you could invest in only ONE fund right now, which would it be?"

I get asked this question all the time.

Odds are you’ve never heard of it. Yet it is the PERFECT complement to your existing Fidelity lineup. (It also makes an ideal starter fund!)

All signs point to a cataclysmic 2017 ahead. So I strongly advise you to reposition your Fidelity account in favor of my specially selected “Genius Funds.”

What are those? A few elusive ‘set it and forget it’ gems hidden among Fidelity’s catalog of 462 funds – where you can safely buy now and hold for one year… five years… even 15 years or longer.

Here’s why I’m so adamant you do it now…

Even in the midst of a volatile market like this, these special funds can give you a sizeable bonus of $10,000, $17,500 or more. And protect you from substantial losses – all at the same time.

Interested? Good, let’s go.

He’s a True Genius (Barron’s and I Agree)

I said it before. And I’ll say it again.

Not all Fidelity managers, nor all Fidelity funds, are created equal.

Only a few stand head and shoulders above their peers. Not just compared to market benchmarks — but compared to lions like Warren Buffett, George Soros and the now tainted Bill Gross.

As I review the current landscape, one manager towers above all others.

Barron’s recently presented a few key facts about this extraordinary fund manager. They reinforce why I like this talented guy, A LOT:

  • As a child, he liked number games and found math elegant—taking the number 987,654,321 and dividing it by eight, for example, gets you very close to 123,456,789.
  • He discovered the Value Line Investment Survey at an early age and briefly worked for Value Line.
  • He once phoned Peter Lynch about a stock. The conversation lasted 1½ hours. When he got off the phone, Lynch turned to his assistant and said, “We have to hire that guy.” (They did.)
  • He is said to have a photographic memory. Fidelity analysts occasionally try to trip him up. (No luck. He always wins.)
  • He has an encyclopedic recall of facts about the 900 companies he owns (more than any other fund at Fidelity).

Plus He Has a Handy ‘Trick’ Up His Sleeve…

Please don’t look for this guy to pop up on CNBC anytime soon. He shuns the limelight.

This bookish Mensa member rarely grants interviews and is more comfortable calculating P/E ratios than engaging in small talk.

He can be a little quirky in deciding what makes it into his fund.

Going Where the Opportunities Are

He’s a global investor, too… and dedicates a small portion of his fund to AAA+ rated international stocks.

For one thing, he invests only in stocks priced at $35 or less. While that sounds like a gimmick, in reality it’s the secret to this fund’s genius.

This unique low-priced litmus test means he doesn’t get trapped chasing the last stages of an irrationally exuberant market. It also means that in a bear market he can find undervalued gems for a HUGE discount.

Here’s a crucial point. His fund tends to perform best during market and economic downturns, when even large Blue Chips dip below $35 a share. Then he pounces like a red tailed hawk.

Of course, it all comes down to performance…

FREESince he launched this fund back in 1989, his fund has returned 2,808.5% versus 890.5% for his Russell 2000 benchmark.

That’s not just super smart, that’s SHEER GENIUS!

So, if you’re looking at the best Fidelity funds for your 401k, you simply must include my #1 Genius Fund in the mix. You’ll find it highlighted in my new report…

Click here for your FREE Special Report: Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Genius Funds

Ready to Squeeze every available
penny out of your IRA or 401(k)?

Fidelity really is a first-class organization.

After all, you don’t get to be America’s #1 IRA and 401(k) provider, with 41,000 employees and more than $2 billion in assets under management by doing the wrong thing for your clients.

But here’s one thing they don’t advertise. Not everyone sees the same results.

While the majority of account holders enjoy decent gains compared to the S&P and other benchmarks (I suspect you’re in this group)…

A tiny elite group (myself included) get to enjoy outsized, above-the-odds profits.

I call this latter group “Fidelity Fortune Makers” — and these privileged folks have had a real opportunity to bank up to $277,961 in EXTRA PROFITS since 1997.

That’s an average $15,442 per year in extra gains.

How do Fidelity’s Fortune Makers do it? By following my advice and diverting a portion of their dollars into the all-time best performing Fidelity funds.

Yes, Genius Funds. Just like the one I just spoke about.

So from today forward, will you take a few simple steps to make sure you get every penny you deserve?

If not for you, for your loved ones.

Get The Retirement Dreams You Crave —
with a Single Click

When you ‘upgrade’ to “Fidelity Fortune Maker” status, you won’t all of a sudden start getting invited to fancy receptions. Or asked to attend stuffy board meetings. It’s not that kind of thing at all.

Think of it as a ‘dignified VIP society’ inside one of the world’s largest mutual fund and ETF firms. They never advertise it. For good reason, too.

Simply making one click can lead you to make the right fund selections — and directly double and in many cases TRIPLE your returns!

Months from now, your statement might be on the same letterhead, but the numbers on the page will look much different. Those will grow, and grow, and GROW compared to what you’re used to. It would be false modesty to say Fidelity Investor members (the Fortune Makers) have not been doing better than most.

For example, since 1997 we’ve cranked out $ 277,961 in EXTRA PROFITS compared to the average Fidelity investor.

Imagine… more than $ 15,000 per year. Each year, every year (on average).
And compare any one of my five portfolios to the average Fidelity investor returns over the last five years… I’m on a major roll.

All it takes is knowing the legitimate, gold-plated funds from the duds within the Fidelity family.

And lucky for you, making that call has never been easier!

"Nobody knows Fidelity better than Jim Lowell, nor explains it more clearly to the rest of us."
—Timothy Middleton, Mutual Funds Columnist and MSN Money author

So what can you expect when you team up with
a true “Fidelity Watchdog” like me?

My mission is not simply to beat the indexes. I am here to help you grow your wealth through all market conditions from here to eternity.

Sure, everywhere you look people are nervous about today’s volatile market and a potential interest rate hike. But from the moment you join me, you get a reliable safety net — as I help you navigate all of the twists and turns in order to safeguard your Fidelity assets.

At Fidelity, they really do seem to have a spectacular track record of growing talented managers. So the question becomes…

Who are the best of the best, and how do we take singular advantage of them inside of our portfolios?

The result? Real, measurable gains compared to what your neighbors are seeing. Year after year, without interruption.

With Fidelity Investor, you’ll quickly come up to speed on how to:

  • Buy the right fund at the right time…
  • Discover hidden “enhanced income solutions”…
  • Allocate your assets to buffer your net wealth from a volatile market…
  • Plug in to Fidelity’s best and brightest managers.

This last point is the granddaddy of them all — it deserves special attention.

The Magellan Mistake

Most people assume that as goes Magellan, so goes the whole of Fidelity’s fleet. After all, it’s the world’s best known actively managed mutual fund.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. I’ll even go a step further…

The worst thing you can do is to focus on the fund names. In the long run, you’ll be doing yourself a major disservice — and handicapping your potential profits.

You know how I said Fidelity grows their talent from within? That’s mission critical for me because the REAL action is buying managers, not funds.

One of the great things about Fidelity is every manager has a very transparent track record. Fidelity has literally dozens of fund managers who consistently beat their benchmarks and peer groups.

But it gets muddy when you have multiple managers. And trickier yet when you want to figure out which manager is adding the most value to a team-managed fund.

Doing this type of dirty work is where I really excel for my members.

I spend a lot of time studying, tracking, and ranking the career track records of every single manager inside of Fidelity, so that I’m sure when  making a buy or a sell recommendation, it’s based not just on market fundamentals, but also on manager strengths and weaknesses.

So, I’d like to show you a confidential ratings table I created for the managers of Fidelity’s Growth and Growth and Income Funds… found in one of my FREE reports I hope I can rush you today:

Mind you, this is not a completely up-to-date chart. But the content is extraordinarily valuable — so I had to obscure some data. But don’t let that stop you. Get the full details inside your FREE Special Report:  “Best to Worst: The New Fidelity Manager Ratings”.

Here’s what it means…

My Proprietary MRS System
Is Like Gold Dust


Here at Fidelity Investor, we buy the manager, not the fund.

For over 20 years, I have been dedicated to making investing in Fidelity mutual funds safer and more profitable for investors. I do this through a proprietary approach to selecting and evaluating Fidelity fund managers.

My proprietary Manager Ranking System (MRS) reveals just how skilled Fidelity fund managers are at selecting stocks, bonds, or a mix of both and how they have fared relative to the market.

Investing with a manager who has demonstrated their know-how through thick and thin and has outperformed against peer groups over meaningful timelines makes for smart investing.

Fidelity funds who are led by Fidelity’s best and brightest managers will be winners in any portfolio.

Jim Lowell Won’t Let the ‘Big One’ Get Away

Jim Lowell is Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning independent newsletter, Fidelity Investor. He advises individual investors seeking superior performance from their Fidelity investments.

Recently named to the independent Hulbert Financial Digest’s 2016 Newsletter Honor Roll, Fidelity Investor believes in “buying the manager, not the fund,” making it the one place where subscribers find out just how skilled Fidelity fund managers are at selecting stocks, bonds, or a mix of both.

With Jim’s proprietary Manager Ranking System (MRS), “Fidelity’s Fortune Makers” see at a glance exactly how a Fidelity stock fund manager has fared relative to the market month in and month out since he or she began managing money.

Jim’s views and opinions appear frequently in such publications as Barron’s, Businessweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Investment News, Money and Smart Money, to name a few. Jim was educated at Vassar College (B.A.), and holds Master’s degrees from both Harvard University, and Trinity College. In addition, he is involved in charitable works and is an accomplished catch and release sport fisherman.

Don’t miss your chance to tap Jim’s extreme insider knowledge — and double, even TRIPLE your gains — as a new member of Fidelity Investor.

Managers are listed in order of their “FI Rating” — the column circled in red above. The FI Rating is calculated by averaging a manager’s risk-adjusted “career” relative return and their unadjusted “front-weighted average” outperformance. All performance numbers are annualized (return per year). Remember, any positive number reflects benefits from active management (a 0.0 means tracking the benchmark).

With my FI ranking, there’s nowhere for underperforming managers to hide.

And you’re about to get privileged VIP access to this extraordinary ratings system for the next 365 days.

‘Independent’ is My Middle Name… and I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is!

You might be thinking a former employee like me would take a gentle, ‘softly, softly’ approach to his new job as professional Fidelity analyst and commentator.

Not so. I do not dish out PR spin or plain vanilla mutual funds advice. That’s not my style — and I suspect you’re OK with that. I’m strictly my own man — and even have a vested interest in digging up the truth since my own family wealth is invested within the Fidelity franchise.

The job can be daunting…

My responsibility is to whittle down the bewildering expanse of funds available… and invite you to mimic my stellar performance with 5 model portfolios crafted just for my members.

You don’t have to follow my guidance. That’s up to you. Just keep in mind that my AAA+ Growth Model Portfolio has delivered an extra $277,961 vs. the average Fidelity investor since 1997.

“Unlike the leading rating services, I don’t receive any kickbacks or beneficial treatment for recommendations I make.”


“I have been a follower of Fidelity Investor for over 20 years, and thanks to your sage advice, I am now happily and quite comfortably retired! Thanks for all the help and advice!” — R.F.B., Broomfield, Colorado

“Thank you for your great service and another year of great advice. I am an avid follower of your newsletter and recommend it to anyone who asks how I get my investment advice. I do use your portfolios for both my retirement and non-retirement savings. ” — J.P.L., Concord, NH

“I have subscribed to your Fidelity Investor newsletter since 1999 and invest using several of your model portfolios. I really appreciate your investment guidance and the returns that have resulted. Thank you for all of your help!” — M.M., Albuquerque, NM

A Stellar Finish for 2015

The average Fidelity investor gained 1.0% in 2015… while our Growth Portfolio model enjoyed a 1.4% return.


Take a look at that figure over 5 years and you can see the critical difference–The average Fidelity investor gained 33.72% while our Growth Portfolio gained total of 67.35%.

Making Perfect Sense of Extreme Chaos

Every single month, you get my complete, time-tested analysis of the 462 Fidelity funds, including:

All 24 Large Cap funds…

All 16 Mid Cap funds…

All 7 Small Cap funds…

All 12 Growth & Income funds…

All 8 Asset Allocation funds…

All 26 Funds of Funds…

All 36 International Funds…

I make it extremely easy to digest this treasure trove of data — and easy on the eyes, too. Again, I prefer to show you exactly what I mean. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside the pages of Fidelity Investor… a partial look at just one single category — Large-Cap funds:

Or maybe you’d prefer viewing industry-sector funds instead. Got you covered there, too.

Here’s a tiny snippet of what you’ll get every 30 days.

That’s not all — not by a long shot. Since the Fidelity battleship hits many ports, it’s my job to cover them all!

Yes, that includes ETFs… Bond Funds… and Money Market Funds.

Even cover VIPs (Variable Insurance Products) if you’re ever curious about those too.

Jim’s “Best Buys” — A Reader Favorite!

As mentioned earlier, I’ve developed five model portfolios for you to emulate.

A Handy Correlation Calculator — FREE with your membership to Fidelity Investor today.

These portfolios range from straight income to aggressive growth and have been independently tracked and ranked by Mark Hulbert (Hulbert Financial Digest).

Deciding which model to follow is a personal choice. The best way to get started is to look at pages 2 and 3 of the newsletter, choose the portfolio appropriate for your investing comfort level and jump right in.

Once you’ve chosen a portfolio and are ready to follow it, you can start by purchasing all the funds in the exact percentages that I have listed.

So right there, your job just got a whole lot easier. I’ve already narrowed the funnel to the best of the best — and am taking you along for the ride.

But I realize your time is precious. Some months, you may only have a few minutes available to ‘tweak’ your portfolio.

That’s why every month, I also highlight a few “Best Buy” funds. These are my one or two top-of-the-barrel suggestions for adding to your existing portfolio.


Once again, Fidelity Investor was selected by Mark Hulbert for inclusion in the 2016 Newsletter Honor Roll

In a recent issue, for example, I pinpointed Strategic Real Return (FSRRX) as an outstanding buy. I like its emphasis on special situations… seeking “material changes in management structure or corporate strategy” which makes this fund unique among event-driven investment funds.

In the same issue, I also recommended an Aggressive Growth fund (to complement our higher yielding bond funds)… and three specific Growth & Income plays in a 65/20/15 split to create a strategic dividend and income fund.

All you have to do is use my advice with your own Fidelity portfolio. Simple as that.

My Fine-Tuned Risk-Return Radar

Since 1998, Fidelity Investor has helped hundreds of thousands of investors consistently outperform the market with less risk. And now I want to show you how to do the same.

My exceptional risk/return radar provides you with a clear view of each of our holding’s risk and return performance relative to each other and to the benchmarks. The goal is not to predict future performance. Instead, it is to better understand the way each position, in its own way, plays its role on the stage of its respective portfolio.

Speaking of risk…

Even with a quality organization like Fidelity, there’s always room for improvement. Despite a multitude of talented, “home grown” portfolio fund managers, Fidelity has been known to play “musical chairs” with managers, and won’t tell you when a talented strategist leaves a fund, leaving you in the lurch. But I will.

Fidelity advertises funds that they want you to know about, but won’t always tell you about the fund that’s best for you. But I will.

Fidelity won’t warn you to sell a fund if the market takes a severe downturn. But I will.

Plus you can count on me to fill you in on many other “behind the scenes” secrets of successful investing at Fidelity to save you tax expenses, hidden fees and hopefully some sleepless nights too.

Can I Rush You My 3-Part
“Fidelity Retirement Kit,” for FREE?

FREERight now, I’m prepared to give you perhaps the MOST VALUABLE GIFT I’ve ever compiled during my long and illustrious career.

It’s the biggest and most complete collection of Fidelity Secrets I’ve discovered over the last 20 years. I’ll bet it takes you only 15 minutes to read it in full. Yet at the end of that sitting, you will be in a position to transform your retirement portfolio — and move from ordinary returns to supercharged ‘Fidelity’s Fortune Makers’ profits.

Just think. If you had followed my advice starting in January 1998, you’d have a very real chance of having a Fidelity balance that is $277,961 bigger today.

Wouldn’t that be nice? I suggest you make it a reality today…

Your FREE Bonus is comprised of three Special Reports, as outlined below:


Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Genius Funds Every Investor Should Own

If you do nothing else today, I strongly encourage you to get positioned in as many of these powerful index-crushers as you can. Of course, they’re based on my proprietary FI Rating system that is worth its weight in gold.

HIDDEN FIDELITY GENIUS FUND #1: Here’s a “mega’ fund that is chock full of elite blue chips that produce more cash than they can count (let alone spend). In fact, 70% of these stocks have more cash than many governments! They are running leaner and meaner than ever before — and the lion’s share offer a Texas-sized dividend. Thinking it might be Fidelity Magellan (FMAGX)? You’re wrong.

  • SECRET DRIVER: I’m using this specialty fund to bolster our pursuit of discounted global marketplaces (since many mega caps derive the lion’s share of their revenue from overseas markets). There is HUGE potential for significant gains as international markets rebound.

HIDDEN FIDELITY GENIUS FUND #2: Longstanding members may think I’m spellbound by this ‘stealth sector.’ But my recommendation for a sizable overweight in this fund shows why. If you had invested $10,000 in the fund on the day of its inception in 1981 through the end of August 2014, you would have $1,565,453. A healthy sum, to say the least.

  • SECRET DRIVER: The story here is especially attractive right now. I like the strong demographics… and I like the unbroken pattern of higher returns and lower risk relative to the S&P 500.

HIDDEN FIDELITY GENIUS FUND #3: An aging worldwide population is handing us a robust and super-profitable captive market. This specialty Fidelity fund invests in the entire health and wellness infrastructure: pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic equipment, medical systems, hospital suppliers, medical technology and leading edge biotech companies.

Longstanding members may think I’m spellbound by this sector. Let me draw your eye to the actual numbers. If you had invested in the fund on the day of its inception in 1981 through the end of December 2015, you would have made 1982% return on your investment. 

Or let me put it a better way that really helps it sink in… If you had invested $100,000 in 1981, you’d be sitting on $1,982,000 right now. A tidy little profit to say the least.

  • FREESECRET DRIVER: Less invasive treatments for growing aging populations — plus a brand new cohort of emerging global consumers — makes this top healthcare fund a no-brainer.

Sorry, I don’t have enough space here to cover Hidden Fidelity Genius Funds #4… #5… #6… or #7. Why wait? Go straight to the source with your FREE Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Genius Funds Every Investor Should Own.

CAVEAT: In this topsy turvy world, you also must be aware of Fidelity funds to avoid at all cost. I’ve included three well-known ‘dud funds’ to avoid in your portfolio. Don’t miss them.

Time for Us to Get to Work!

I hope you’re ready to act, because there’s not another minute to waste. I’m not an alarmist, but you need to know profits are literally leaking out of your Fidelity account as you read this. Please don’t hesitate. Begin enjoying all this — now:

  • Your Weekly Fidelity Hotline Each Thursday, I prepare a brand new update covering on my latest research, market analysis, and new Fidelity findings. I give you a special heads-up on any new opportunities I see on the horizon, plus fill you in on the best Fidelity funds to invest in. Oh yes — I’ll also alert you to those few funds you should avoid like the plague.

  • Flash Alerts Every once in a while, when the Dow moves 5% in either direction or some urgent piece of news comes to light, I may send out an email Flash Alert. Promise me you’ll take 2 minutes to read this in full.

  • Access the lastest Fidelity Investor Issue when you join today!Your Monthly Newsletter Your monthly issues are the core of the Fidelity Investor advisory service. Consider each your go-to guide for using the Fidelity family of mutual funds and ETFs to meet your financial goals. Each issue contains my expert advice and the latest information on today’s market, plus my monthly Best Buys.

  • My Complete Archive As a new member, you should feel free to check out several years’ worth of back issues which are available on our password-protected website. (It’s like getting several extra years of Fidelity Investor — free of charge.)

  • And of course, Our 5 Model Portfolios Find out the specific holdings for our proprietary Global Quant, Aggressive Growth, Income, Growth & Income, and Growth portfolios. Each is designed to guide mutual fund investors based on the level of risk you are comfortable with. Do you have a conservative, moderate or aggressive profile? No matter — you’re covered.

Hidden inside every monthly issue of Fidelity Investor, you’ll find all this:

  • My Exclusive FI Market Monitor commentary
  • A Full Rundown of our 5 Model Portfolios
  • FI Focus — A Deep Dive on a Specific Sector Opportunity
  • Performance Reviews by fund, sector, ETF, Bonds, Money Markets and Variable Insurance Products
  • The latest Dividend Distribution Schedule
  • And Jim’s Best Buys!

Introducing the LOWEST Membership
Fee You May Ever See

Normally we charge $229 for members to become a bona fide “Fidelity Fortune Maker.” That’s less than $1 a day, which strikes me as a good deal.

But today, I’ll go a step further if you’ll meet me half way…

FREEMy publisher is granting a one-time exemption for you to come aboard for an unheard of rate of just $99 for 1 year. That’s a 56% Off Savings… and an incredible rate of just $0.27 per day.

You’ll receive 12 monthly issues of Fidelity Investor along with access to all the items detailed above AND your FREE copy of Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Genius Funds Every Investor Should Own.

But, if you join me for 2 years… I’ll send you all three of my Special Reports – my 3-Part “Fidelity Retirement Kit” for FREE:

  1. Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Genius Funds Every Investor Should Own
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  3. Best to Worst: The New Fidelity Manager Ratings

You’ll save $290 and get 24 monthly issues for only $189, PLUS get these two additional free wealth-building reports FREE:

Two More Special Reports FREE

FREE Report #2

Top Sector Funds
& ETFs

FREEFind out where to ‘double up’ your Fidelity weightings in my exclusive deep dives on:

• Automotive (FSAVX),
• Biotechnology (FBIOX),
• Consumer Staples (FDFAX),
• Retailing (FSRPX),
• Utilities (FSUTX),
• plus many, many more.

FREE Report #3

Best to Worst: The New Fidelity Manager Ratings

FREEAn absolute gold mine. Get full details on all the top and worst performing Fidelity fund managers:

• Relative Return Career
• 5-year Relative Return
• Manager Relative Volatility
• Return Manager Career
• Risk-Adjusted Manager Career

Normally, I’d think nothing of charging $47.95 for each of these hefty feature reports. Added together, they carry nearly a $150 value… but they are yours FREE when you agree to try Fidelity Investor risk-free for 2 years. And it is completely risk-free with my 100% money-back guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Try Fidelity Investor for a full 6 months. If at any time during those 6 months you are not completely, 100% satisfied with Fidelity Investor service — for any reason at all — simply cancel and we’ll refund every penny of your subscription fee.

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No questions asked. PLUS… All of the reports and issues you’ve received will be yours to keep for FREE, as a thank you for giving Fidelity Investor a fair try.

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All the issues and the Reports are yours to keep forever regardless of what you decide.

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signed: Jim Lowell
Jim Lowell
Editor, Fidelity Investor

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  • Plus so much more
Sound good? I thought so. All that you have to do is confirm your membership now so I can lock in your VIP rate and upgrade your status to “Fidelity’s Fortune Makers!”

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