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Fellow Mutual Fund Investor,

New independent research shows Fidelity has 7 funds that give investors all the power they need to leave the average Fidelity investor in the dust. These funds are already giving a small group of Fidelity investors 118% greater profits than ordinary Fidelity investors, with more to come.

These are the 7 Fidelity power
funds you should own right now

They are for aggressive growth investors, yes. But these same funds are also ideal for the most risk-averse investors among us… investors who live off the income their Fidelity funds generate. That’s how remarkably powerful these funds are!

These are Fidelity’s Super Funds, a diverse collection of power funds that, when combined properly, will cut your risk in half while doubling your profits with…

  • Cash-rich global dividend winners
  • Low-priced stock winners
  • Small-cap stock winners
  • Unique winners in the new Fidelity fund no one can index
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  • Enhanced small-cap fund full of green shoots
  • A diversified fund to buffer against inflation, too!

You might already own one or two of these 7 Fidelity funds. If so, congratulations! If not, well, we can fix that today.

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Fidelity won’t share this list of
7 power funds with you. So I will.

About Jim Lowell

Jim Lowell is the editor of Fidelity Investor, the private and independent advisory published for individual investors seeking superior performance from their Fidelity investments.

Jim’s subscribers are known as “Fidelity’s Fortunate Few.” The fund selections they get directly from Jim double, and in many cases triple their returns. His strategies for investment income have boosted members’ annual income two-fold. Jim’s a bona-fide Fidelity genius.

He’s also a real-life Fidelity fanatic. He was born in Boston and he still lives there. He holds Master’s degrees from both Harvard University and Trinity College. He used to work at Fidelity, where he helped launch Fidelity’s most prominent publications, Fidelity Focus and Investment Vision, which turned into Worth magazine.

You can’t read an article about Fidelity in any major publication — The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, you name it — without seeing at least one quote from Jim Lowell. Now you can get Jim’s best advice directly from him, as a subscriber to Fidelity Investor.

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I’m Jim Lowell. I used to work at Fidelity, but not anymore. Now I head up the world’s largest independent research group dedicated to Fidelity – its funds and its investors. I love what I do because I’m helping thousands of investors like you…

  • Drastically reduce risk
  • Dramatically increase profits – 118% greater profits than ordinary Fidelity investors in fact (now you can too)
  • Consistently doubling profits AND investment income!

Think of me as your Fidelity inside man… your serious-money watchdog.

Since I’m entirely independent of Fidelity, I share Fidelity’s strengths and weaknesses with my loyal readers, which brings me great pleasure. You should join us, but not to make me happy. You should join us to make yourself richer.

We’re certainly making more money than those who love index funds. And it’s clearly documented that we make more money than those who prefer managed funds, too!

Truth is, we’re making more money at Fidelity than anyone else. And we’re doing it with less risk, too. And right now, you need these funds more than ever, to ensure you’re getting the bargain buys you need in our era of all-time highs.

I’ve dedicated my career to learning every money-making secret at Fidelity, what I’ve discovered can easily double, maybe triple your Fidelity profits. And I want to prove it you!

So I’m giving you the best of my research discoveries in my just-released report, Fidelity’s Super 7: The Only Funds You Need. To make sure you see this report, I went ahead and reserved a free copy in your name.

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But before we go there, I want to tell you about your free copy of Fidelity’s Super 7: The Only Funds You Need.

So right now, let’s take a look inside your first free research report.

70% of the stocks in this fund have more cash than many governments

If you like large-cap stocks loaded with cash that’s consistently handed over to investors, then Fidelity Power Fund #1 belongs in your portfolio. While index funds are mandated to give you all the laggards, fund manager Matthew Fruhan weeds them all out. His fund only holds giant dividend-paying blue chips, a number of which are poised to grow like red-hot small caps.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Fruhan is free to pick non-U.S. blue chip battleships, too, from every corner of the earth. You might never want to sell this fund.

Stock Bargains in 11 Sectors

If you like a bargain, you’ll love this fund. It gives you the 80–100 of the best value stocks in the world, selected from 11 sectors.

So yes, this capital-appreciation-focused fund gives you a healthy dose of diversity. Entry minimum is just $2,500 and the expense ratio is a reasonable 0.86%. Of the 11 sectors represented in this value fund, the top 3 are financial services, healthcare, and technology. The fund’s top holdings include Berkshire Hathaway, Chevron and Alphabet.

Manager Sean Gavin makes bold bets on super safe stocks that are trading for less than their true value. He currently has 92.66% of the assets invested in stocks. The remaining 7.34% is cash.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Manager Sean Gavin. He took over in January 2012 and has returned 93.7% versus 93.0% for the fund’s benchmark. And with Gavin’s experience in the large-cap space, I just moved this fund from our mid-cap to our large-cap value camp.

Start Here Risk-FreeFIDELITY POWER FUND #3:
The Tide is Turning for Small-Caps

Enterprise software developer CompuGroup Medical, equipment manufacturer Azbil and industrial engineering company Spirax-Sarco Engineering are among this fund’s top holdings. You might wonder what those three have in common, so I’ll tell you. They are all non-U.S. companies. Fund manager Jed Weiss invests in small-cap companies from around the globe. In this case, small-cap is defined as having a market-cap of $5 billion or less — so it’s what the Street calls a “smid-cap” (small and mid-cap) basket.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: The sea change affecting U.S. small-caps for the better (growing economy, strengthening consumer, trading with their neighbors rather than getting caught up in cross border currency wars) is also beginning to manifest itself overseas.

This single report is the most powerful Fidelity action guide ever published, and it’s yours FREE for the asking. Claim your copy of Fidelity’s Super 7: The Only Funds You Need today.

Bigger Income from a Most Unlikely Source

Don’t stress when I tell you this fund holds emerging market debt. Sounds frightening, I know. But manager John Carlson has us covered. He’s been in the emerging market bond buying business longer than some emerging-market countries have been in existence. He has yet to disappoint over his more than 20 years of managing this fund. Carlson has made this both a defensive and an offensive fund.

As you’ll see in your free report, the risk is in not owning this fund in 2017.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: The yield and potential performance built into this fund are better than not just the U.S. bond market, but our stock market as well.

Learn about Power Funds 5, 6 and 7 when you receive your FREE copy of Fidelity’s Super 7: The Only Funds You Need – only available to Fidelity Investor subscribers!

You’ll Make Over $2 When the
Average Fidelity Investor Makes $1

You Make More than $2 When the Average Fidelity Investor Makes $1
If you started out with a $100,000 portfolio as a subscriber to Fidelity Investor service in 1997, your money would have grown to $537,610. That’s more than double the profits the average Fidelity investor made.
Start Value $100,000 $100,000
1998 $119,745 $144,293
1999 $143,375 $161,904
2000 $136,445 $180,218
2001 $124,223 $164,393
2002 $107,777 $136,780
2003 $129,274 $185,307
2004 $140,527 $213,474
2005 $151,276 $247,119
2006 $167,871 $290,716
2007 $183,966 $319,426
2008 $132,736 $201.190
2009 $159,957 $259,696
2010 $176,626 $307,594
2011 $174,244 $308,223
2012 $191,433 $354,991
2013 $220,065 $455,249
2014 $233,075 $507,859
2015 $236,799 $514,760
2016 $246,227 $537,610
118% $291,383

Take a look at the table to the right…
This table shows you how subscribers to Fidelity Investor outperform the average Fidelity investor year after year.

My subscribers are known as “Fidelity’s Fortunate Few.” The fund selections they get directly from me double, and in many cases triple their returns.

Become one of
“Fidelity’s Fortunate Few”

“Fidelity’s Fortunate Few” make more money than most everyone else investing in mutual funds — because they always find themselves in the right Fidelity funds at the right time.

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As for the intangible benefits… the rock-steady confidence in your financial future, more assurance of reaching your goals, and the overwhelming joy of relief from worrying about money for the rest of your life… those are all priceless!

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JOIN NOWSincerely,
Jim Lowell
Editor, Fidelity Investor

P.S. What you do or don’t do with all of this could determine your financial future. And you know what your financial future determines, don’t you? It determines how your entire life is lived… scrimping for savings and sacrificing, or living a full and meaningful retirement without a financial care in the world. You could double your Fidelity profits.

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