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About Jim Lowell

Jim Lowell is the editor of Fidelity Investor, the private and independent advisory published for individual investors seeking superior performance from their Fidelity investments.

Jim’s subscribers are known as “Fidelity’s Fortunate Few.” The fund selections they get directly from Jim double, and in many cases triple their returns. His strategies for investment income have boosted members’ annual income two-fold. Jim’s a bona-fide Fidelity genius.

He’s also a real-life Fidelity fanatic. He was born in Boston and he still lives there. He holds Master’s degrees from both Harvard University and Trinity College. He used to work at Fidelity, where he helped launch Fidelity’s most prominent publications, Fidelity Focus and Investment Vision, which turned into Worth magazine.

You can’t read an article about Fidelity in any major publication — The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, you name it — without seeing at least one quote from Jim Lowell. Now you can get Jim’s best advice directly from him, as a subscriber to Fidelity Investor.

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Need an action plan for 2018?

Decades of documentation show that a small group of Fidelity funds, when combined properly, drastically reduce investor risk while outperforming the average Fidelity investor by a whopping 124%.

However: While Fidelity is unquestionably the best actively managed mutual fund family in the world, they won’t give you the names of these powerful funds. They won’t tell you how to combine them properly, either. Fidelity is not in the independent investment advice giving business.

Not knowing how to navigate Fidelity’s fund lineup could be costing you a fortune in missed profits and income. You want to beat the market, not mimic it with index funds, right? That’s why investors like us turn to Fidelity’s funds.

But here’s the problem: Fidelity is not going to tell you which of their funds they think will be the index-beating ones. I will.

Fidelity does an excellent job at educating their clients about how to invest, but they won’t (in some instances, they can’t) tell what you really want to know, such as…

  • which funds belong in your portfolio,
  • when to buy them,
  • when to sell them,
  • how to find a sure-fire winner,
  • how to spot the hidden red flags flying atop funds that don’t belong in anyone’s portfolio.

If you don’t have clear answers to all the above, it makes it nearly impossible for you to invest wisely.

Until you find out what Fidelity won’t tell you, you can’t use the most profitable mutual fund investing strategy of all time, the Golden Rule of mutual fund investing…

Buy The Manager, Not The Fund

What you’re about to discover will make you richer, keep your Fidelity money safer, give you more investment income and the retirement you may have thought was beyond your reach.

I should introduce myself.

There’s Only Way to Follow the Golden Rule of Mutual Fund Investing…

Find out who’s the best
Fidelity fund manager!

Fidelity won’t tell you. And the only way you can find out, if you know the one place to look… the one place where you find out just how skilled Fidelity managers are at selecting stocks, bonds, or a mix of both. That one place is Fidelity Investor.

YOURS FREEOne of your 3 free reports, Ranking Fidelity’s True Genius: Fidelity Fund Managers Exposed!, gives you the current ratings. Fidelity Investor keeps you current across the board.

My proprietary Manager Ranking System (MRS) shows you at a glance exactly how a Fidelity stock fund manager has fared relative to the market month in and month out since he or she began managing money!

There’s no place for Fidelity’s managers to hide from me. I track their entire careers, even track their records with funds they managed before coming to Fidelity. And I don’t stop there.

I also look at the risks the manager took over the course of their careers. And guess what? The best find is a manager who has beaten the benchmark without taking undue risks!

As powerful as this tool is, it’s not the only one I use to select the best Fidelity funds for the here and now. But using this tool is the only way you or anyone can be sure to follow the Golden Rule of Mutual Funding Investing: Buy the manager!

Act now to get your copy of
Ranking Fidelity’s True Genius: Fidelity Fund Managers Exposed!

I’m Jim Lowell. I head up the world’s largest independent research group dedicated to Fidelity, its funds, and its investors.

Think of me as your Fidelity inside man… your serious-money watchdog. I used to work at Fidelity, but not anymore.

I’m entirely independent now and totally free to tell you about all of Fidelity’s strengths and weaknesses. Members of my award-winning private newsletter advisory, Fidelity Investor, make more than double the profits average Fidelity investors get. I’d like you to join us today. There’s no risk for you, by the way.

In fact, three kick-start gifts are already reserved in your name. But frankly, the real reason to join us today is…

We’re making more money than those who love index funds… more money than those who love ETFs and managed funds, too. I’d venture to say we’re making more money at Fidelity than anyone else, including you!

We’re taking less risk, too.

Yes, we have secrets, which is to say we act on information that’s not made available to average Fidelity investors.

I wish I could share these secrets with every Fidelity investor. But alas, most will probably never learn what I’m about to reveal to you, starting with…

Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful
Index-Beating Funds

These 7 index-beating funds are so amazingly powerful they work gangbusters for just about every Fidelity investor, including:

  • aggressive growth investors,
  • those seeking both growth and income,
  • and those who simply want to live off the income their Fidelity funds generate for them.

FREEYou might already own one or two of them. If so, congratulations!

If not, well, we can fix that. Your copy of Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Index-Beating Funds is ready to be released to you free today!
It’s the first of several gifts I want to give you. I’ll tell you why you’re getting multiple gifts in a moment. First, however, I’d like to tell you more about these special 7 Fidelity power funds.

Captures the 2018 Surge in Large Cap Wealth, Health and Energy Stocks

If you’re looking for super-solid large cap growth in 2018, put this fund in your portfolio right now.

Financials, healthcare and energy stocks are expected to re-emerge in a big way in 2018 and this fund has you covered better than popular index funds. The largest of the large caps in those 3 sectors make up the top holdings in this, Power Fund #1.

While the 500 Index returned a decent 16.04% over the last year, this managed gem returned 17.63%… thanks to the decisions of Matt Fruhan.

He’s one of Fidelity’s best managers and you get his money-making skills cheap – this fund’s expense ratio is a mere 0.69%. And for that measly fee, Fruhan weeds out the losers index funds are required to hold, and leaves just giant dividend-paying blue chips that are poised to explode with growth in 2018.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Fruhan is free to allocate funds anyway he sees fit. And he’s free to select giants from anywhere in the world… 5.7% of this fund’s stock holdings are foreign.

Gives You the Hottest Stocks on Wall Street and Buffett, Too!

No wonder the fund’s return so far this year is a whopping 21.26%. Facebook… Amazon… Google… Apple… and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway are among this fund’s top 10 holdings.

Power Fund #2 holds 320 large caps and most all of them are specially selected as “best of breed,” such as Tesla, the electric luxury car maker that’s now introducing a “low-priced” model at just $35,000.

Manager Will Danoff has been in charge of this fund since 1990. And as active as he’s been, the expenses charged to investors’ remains a tiny 0.68%.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Danoff delivers profitable diversity by picking large companies with above average growth potential. Unlike most large cap funds,

The New Fund No One Can Index

This fund invests in companies of any market cap, size or style… as long as a particular corporate event or special situation occurs. You can’t index that. And even if you could, you wouldn’t match the genius displayed by fund manager Arvind Navaratnam. He now holds 52 stocks undergoing corporate reorganizations, changes in beneficial ownership, deletion from a market index, material changes in management structure or corporate strategy. The fund launched just a few years ago (2013) and over the last year rewarded investors with 28.47% profit.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Superior tactics for reducing risk, thanks to manager Arvind Navaratnam. He diversifies across event types and only invests post-event.

Profit Big with Small Caps Growing Into Mid Caps

So far this year, Power Fund #4 is up 21.92%… holding just 135 stocks. The selection of these stocks is the job of Jed Weiss. He’s managed this fund since 2008 and he invests for capital appreciation more than income.

By investing in companies with market capitalization of $5 billion or less, Weiss picks established companies currently in the sweet spot of growth. His small cap stocks are poised to become midcaps. Those who own this fund stand to outperform markets throughout 2018.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Manager Jed Weiss searches the world for well-established small caps rapidly growing into midcaps. He holds industrials and health care in greater concentration than international index funds… a great position to hold for 2018.

Giants Doing Business in the Fastest Growing Economies in the World

Manager John Carlson and his team find large caps growing by leaps and bounds in Asia, Latin America and Europe. This fund currently holds a soundly diversified group of 456 stocks. And yet, 60% of those stocks are concentrated in 3 red-hot sectors… Information Technology, Financial and Consumer Discretionary.

Power Fund #5 is up 19.94% since January and should continue its market-beating ways throughout 2018.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Income is nearly as strong as capital gains since 28.07% of this fund’s assets are invested in bonds. This also works to protect investors should markets decline across the board.

Most Important Sector of All Grows Your Money the Fastest

Those who own Power Fund #6 were thrilled to see their $10,000 grow to $35,542 since 2008. Those with $10,000 in the S&P 500, however, weren’t so thrilled to see their money grow to just $21,073 during the same time frame.

Manager Eddie Yoon has selected just 94 funds… and 68.92% of them are concentrated in biotechnology stocks (27.60%), health equipment (24.27%), and pharmaceuticals (17.05%).

Manager Eddie Yoon is a true mastermind when it comes to the healthcare industry. Just 94 funds made the grade for this fund, which is the strongest of Fidelity’s 40 actively managed sector funds.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Revealed in your free copy of Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Index-Beating Funds.

FREESuper-Safe High-Income from the New King of Bonds

When your funds are invested in stocks, it’s always smart to balance your portfolio with bonds. And there’s no better way to do that than with Fidelity Power Fund #7.

As you’ll see in your free report, fund manager Ford O’Neill and his team is in charge. He’s widely recognized these days as the New Bond King ever since Morningstar named Ford O’Neill and his team 2016 U.S. Fixed-Income Fund Manager of the Year.

According to Morningstar, its coveted award recognizes portfolio managers who demonstrate excellent investment skill and the courage to differ from the consensus to benefit investors. 

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Low-cost strategy works to add to your total return. There are all sorts of proprietary claims on Ford O’Neill’s methodology that brings award-winning active management to a savvy low-cost ETF product.

Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Index-Beating Funds serves as the ideal action guide for 2018. And it’s yours FREE! But it’s not the only gift reserved in your name.

2 More Bonus Gifts — Are Yours FREE!

One of them ranks all Fidelity’s fund managers, including the ones investing your money.

You’ll see, probably for the first time ever, just how successful (or not) Fidelity’s managers really are — dating back to before they picked stocks for Fidelity fund investors.

The other gift reveals the sector secrets behind Fidelity’s launch of new ETFs. I think you’ll be amazed when you learn…

  • Why only a few of Fidelity’s new ETFs are worth a glance
  • How to use those top ETFs in a strategic combination that cuts your risks and taxes
  • How to trump the performance of those ETFs

It’s called Fidelity’s Top Sector Funds and ETFs and it’s a must-read for every Fidelity investor — all 24 million of us!

Also true: Only a few of Fidelity’s investors will ever find out what’s in this special report. You’re one of the few. And I know this is true, too: If you give me your permission to release your free report to you…

You’ll experience what it’s like to be the newest member of “Fidelity’s Fortunate Few.” Enter as a Charter Member! And you’ll feel as though a bag of boulders has been lifted off your shoulders.

I know this because…

“Fidelity’s Fortunate Few” make more money than most everyone else investing in mutual funds — because they always find themselves in the right Fidelity funds at the right time.

Making more money sounds good, right?

How this small group of Fidelity investors pulls this off is no secret to me. I’m the one telling them how to do it! I’m ready to tell you, too!

Your Fidelity profits are going to soar beyond expectations… the old-fashioned way… the way the best mutual fund investors have always amassed wealth… by tapping into Fidelity’s true genius.

One way is through ETFs — also a very important tool. In your free report, Fidelity’s Top Sector Funds and ETFs, you’ll go inside 11 of Fidelity’s new ETFs and learn why only a few deserve a second thought, and why the others are already dead in the water.

And then the fun begins.

For each ETF — all 11 of them — you’ll also see the actively managed Fidelity funds that beat them. You can bet the ranch Fidelity will never reveal this to you.
YOURS FREEAnd in your third free gift, Ranking Fidelity’s True Genius: Fidelity Fund Managers Exposed, you’ll get not only the names but also the track records of every Fidelity fund manager dating back to before they became Fidelity fund managers.

You’ll learn how Fidelity’s stock-picking pros think and what they see in the future, which makes it so much easier for you to be in the right funds at the right time. This report is the ultimate key to the Golden Rule of mutual fund investing!

That’s how you double your profits at Fidelity, by the way. I have decades of documented proof that subscribers following my advice…

You Make Over $2 When the
Average Fidelity Investor Makes $1

My Fidelity success secret is simple: Tap into the stock-picking genius of Fidelity’s top fund managers. All of them are revealed in your free copy of Ranking Fidelity’s True Genius: Fidelity Fund Managers Exposed!

In this exclusive report, I track all of Fidelity’s fund managers, to make it real easy for you to find the best ones.

I give each manager a rating number and “FI Ranking.” You’ve probably never seen anything like it before. Fidelity rates their managers, but they’ll never give you the ratings. It’s private, confidential stuff Fidelity would just as soon keep “inside.”

But with your free report at hand, you’ll own a valuable inside track as a Fidelity investor.

Choosing Fidelity’s best funds suddenly becomes easy! Following the Golden Rule of Mutual Fund Investing quickly becomes second nature.

You’ll know who’s who… and exactly what’s up with Fidelity’s best and worst managers. You’ll understand what’s happening with your money, and what’s likely to happen to it. And you’ll see for yourself exactly where your Fidelity money should be right now.

YOURS FREEI evaluate Fidelity’s managers on a variety of levels. Then I rate them and reveal everything!

I figure you’d want to know right away how your fund’s manager stacks up. And you’ll find out right away — as soon as you respond, in fact.

Act now and you’ll get all 3 reports free, Fidelity’s Top Sector Funds and ETFs; Ranking Fidelity’s True Genius: Fidelity Fund Managers Exposed; and Fidelity’s 7 Most Powerful Index-Beating Funds.

And to give you a real taste of what it’s like to be among “Fidelity’s Fortunate Few,” you’ll also get a 100% risk-free subscription to my private advisory, Fidelity Investor.

Meanwhile, I’d like you to take a look at this…

Jim’s Growth Model Portfolio vs. Average Fidelity Investor
(Growth of $10,000)Description: chart: Fidelity Investor Aggressive Growth vs. the Average Fidelity Investor Since 4/9/99 (Growth of $10,000)

This chart shows you how subscribers to Fidelity Investor outperform the average Fidelity investor year after year. You should be on the top line, too, don’t you think?

The Surprising Make Up of
“Fidelity’s Fortunate Few”

Those you’ll be joining might surprise you. Not all of them are investing aggressively for growth. Not all of them are rich, either. Some are just starting out and come to us with only modest amounts to invest. Some are quite well-off and you might wonder why they’re so eager to make even more money.

And there are others who are more conservative in their pursuit of profit. Some don’t even think about growth. They’re only investing for income. And yet, all these various types of Fidelity investors subscribe to the same advisory service… the one that has every Fidelity investor covered… Fidelity Investor.

You might be in trouble without even knowing it because…

Fidelity Won’t Tell You
About These

Toxic Fund Combos

Fidelity might be on top when it comes to performance. But sometimes too much of a good thing can be dangerous. When one recommendation finds its way into too many of your Fidelity funds, your portfolio could become way more risky than you think. It’s like holding too much company stock in your 401(k) plan.

Members of Fidelity Investor never have to worry about owning toxic fund combos. When you see your first issue of Fidelity Investor, turn to page 3 first. That’s where you’ll find the funds that will play a major role in doubling your Fidelity profits into next year.

Put this 2018 Action Plan
to Work Today!

Every issue is packed with information you just can’t get from Fidelity, including 5 expertly diversified Fidelity Model Portfolios, including:

  • Global Quant
  • Aggressive Growth
  • Growth
  • Growth & Income
  • Income

Members of Fidelity Investor also get two more model portfolios: Annuity Growth and Annuity Growth & Income.

Plus, you’re getting more than that. You’re getting 3 valuable reports for free, use of the entire Fidelity Investor service risk-free, plus, if you enjoy the experience, a special low-cost Charter Membership rate.

And if you want to discontinue your subscription, you’re still way ahead because you’ll never be asked to return anything we send you — including your 3 free reports and all the other special reports that are automatically yours as a Charter Member.

Fair enough?

Well, it gets even better.

Act now — within the next 36 hours — and you’ll get a surprise 4th bonus.

Your Reward for Quick Action

A FREE copy of The Worst Fidelity
Funds No One Should Own

New risks… new opportunities… new funds… new fund managers… most Fidelity investors won’t have a clue.

The hidden trillion-dollar
reason Fidelity recently
launched 13 new ETFs

Yes, Fidelity is getting into the ETF business. You think it’s because of that old wives’ tale about how managed funds can’t beat index funds? Think again.

Fidelity has never had trouble beating benchmarks and index funds. The Boston giant has been doing it since index funds were invented. And the tradition continues to this day.

Fidelity is getting into the ETF business average investors love to index and, quite simply… the company is playing catch up to get a piece of that action. It’s worth more than a trillion dollars.

So in October 2014, Fidelity, basically tried to beat Vanguard at its own game when it launched 13 new ETFs — each with expense ratios lower than Vanguard’s. You can buy these lowest-cost ETFs through Fidelity commission free, too! But should you? Find out in your free copy of Fidelity’s Top Sector Funds and ETFs.

You don’t want to find any of these funds in your portfolio. But if you do find a few there, no worries. You’ll be armed with so many new ways to boost your Fidelity profits it won’t matter… as long as you immediately switch your losers to Fidelity’s best funds (also given away for free in this 4th bonus!), the ones you’ll learn about when you respond in time.

All that’s needed is your permission.

We’re all set here. We’re ready to give you access to all your gifts right now… ready to impress you with our just-released edition of Fidelity Investor… ready to show you the life enjoyed by “Fidelity’s Fortunate Few.”

The instant you respond, you’ll feel a rush of excitement and expectation. And that wonderful feeling will stay with you and re-ignite with each new issue and every new special report you get.

If not, you’ll never pay a dime. Nothing.

You get to keep your bonus gifts for free, too. How’s that for fair?

Take 30 days to decide if you like Fidelity Investor and all the tangible extras that come with it, including:

  • Monthly print and online issues
  • Weekly email updates
  • Special Alert emails
  • Extensive archives
  • Portfolio performance updates
  • Review of different major corporate 401(k) plans
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Market commentary

As for the intangible benefits… the rock-steady confidence in your financial future, more assurance of reaching your goals, and the overwhelming joy of relief from worrying about money for the rest of your life… those are all priceless!

Charter Membership, however, has a price, normally $229. But you’re not paying the regular Charter Membership rate.

Your Rate is Special… It’s Lower than
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My publisher has agreed… I now have the green light to bring you in as a Charter Member for just $99, as long as you let me know within 36 hours. After that? I’m afraid you’ll be asked to pay more.

By the way, at this hush-hush low rate of only $99, your membership will more than pay for itself within a month or so, depending on how much you have invested with Fidelity.

However much it is, count on that number zooming north once you experience Fidelity Investor.

I guarantee it!

Start Here Risk-FreeSincerely,
Jim Lowell
Editor, Fidelity Investor

P.S. What you do or don’t do with all of this could determine your financial future. And you know what your financial future determines, don’t you? It determines how your entire life is lived… scrimping for savings and sacrificing, or living a full and meaningful retirement without a financial care in the world. You could double your Fidelity profits.

P.P.S. Doubling your Fidelity profits isn’t the only benefit of accepting your introductory Fidelity Investor Charter Membership. I also promise to cut your risks without delay. All you have to do is let me know you’re interested.

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