3 Fidelity Funds for 2016
That Could TRIPLE Your
Retirement Nest Egg!

These Top Performing Fidelity Investments Have Produced Annual Gains Between 8.61% and 11.89% for the Past 10 Years — Despite the 2008-2009 Crash, a flat 2015 and volatile 2016 start!

Click Here for Your FREE Copy of "Fidelity's Best and Worst Funds for 2016Dear Fellow Investor,

In this brief message, I’m going to show you a simple, easy way you could potentially TRIPLE the size of your retirement nest egg — and greatly increase your retirement income — without taking big risks.

In fact, the simple but significant changes I will recommend for your portfolio in the next few minutes, all involving top-performing Fidelity investments will likely make your nest egg far SAFER than it is right now.

In just a moment, I’m going to reveal three Fidelity investments that have generated annual gains of 9% or more over the past decade… despite the 2008-2009 stock crash and sluggish economy… despite a flat 2015… and despite the rocky start to 2016!.

What’s more, I’ll also show you how switching to the right blend of Fidelity managed funds can…

…Consistently outperform virtually every passive index fund available, and by a significant margin…

…Hand you a realistic way to earn an average annual return of 9% or more for the rest of your life…

…Perform with 15% less volatility than the S&P 500…

Potentially DOUBLE the size of your retirement account in just five years… and nearly TRIPLE it in 15…

…Help you enjoy a prosperous income in retirement even if you have very little saved…

…and that’s just for starters.

I’ll tell you more in this brief message and in my brand-new special report, Fidelity’s Best and Worst Funds for 2016.

I reveal Fidelity’s top performing actively managed funds for 2016 — funds that outperform the market indexes by more than 2 to 1 over a decade or more.

Plus, I also tell you which Fidelity funds to avoid according to my proprietary ranking of Fidelity fund managers.

And I reveal how you can put together a portfolio of the very best Fidelity funds that will not only beat the market… but do so with far less of the heart-stopping volatility that can cause investors to needlessly panic.

About Jim Lowell’s
Fidelity Investor

Jim Lowell is Editor of the award-winning newsletter, Fidelity Investor the leading independent newsletter dedicated to making investing in Fidelity mutual fund investments safer and more profitable.

With Jim’s proprietary Manager Ranking System (MRS), subscribers see at a glance exactly how Fidelity fund managers have fared relative to the market month in and month out since they began managing money.

In each monthly issue of Fidelity Investor, Jim covers performance updates on his five different Fidelity Model Portfolios, smartly balanced and diversified, plus his monthly best buys. In addition, every monthly newsletter features Jim’s insight on what’s going on inside Fidelity and how that impacts investors, as well as exclusive interviews and appearances.

Jim has also written several books on investing, Investing from Scratch (revised edition, Penguin, 2006) and What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know (Wiley, 2007) among them.

A guest investment columnist for Forbes, Jim has lectured extensively on investing and personal finance. His market views and opinions appear frequently in such publications as Barron’s, Businessweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Investment News, Money and Smart Money, to name a few.

Now you can get Jim’s best advice directly from him, with a risk-free trial to Fidelity Investor today.

I’ll tell you how to get a FREE copy of Fidelity’s Best and Worst Funds for 2016 in a moment.

But first, let me tell you why…

You Don’t Have to Settle for
Low Single Digit Returns That Will Crush Your Retirement Dreams!

Fidelity’s exceptional funds and commission free, lowest cost ETFs can help you substantially increase your annual returns and provide a new level of prosperity and financial security for yourself and all those who depend on you.

As you know, Fidelity has some of the world’s most successful and talented fund managers. (You can get a FREE special report about them by clicking here…)

Its famous Magellan fund produced a staggering 29% average return for 13 years under the legendary stock picker Peter Lynch, enough to turn every $100,000 starting portfolio into $2.7 million.

That’s what can happen when you have the best Fidelity fund managers on your team. But managers change. Peter Lynch is long gone from running Magellan. In fact, I don’t recommend that my members buy Magellan. Instead, I recommend that they sell it and use one of my top picks to replace it.

Buying and holding onto a fund rather than owning the best managers can have disastrous results for your portfolio. And I’m not the only one saying this. Here’s what Reuters reported in 2014 about Fidelity’s actively managed funds:

“Stung by the 2008 financial crisis, mutual fund investors have plunged into low-cost, low-risk passive investments such as index funds… But the opportunity cost has been enormous… An easy way to look at it is to compare rival mutual fund titans Vanguard Group, the reigning champion of the index fund, and Fidelity Investments, whose actively managed portfolios have outperformed benchmarks for the past five years.”

Imagine Having the VERY BEST Fidelity
Managers Investing Your Money for You!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jim Lowell, editor-in-chief of Fidelity Investor, the leading independent newsletter dedicated to advising individual investors on their Fidelity mutual fund investments.

Our newsletter is dedicated entirely to maximizing the returns and reducing the risk of investing in Fidelity’s funds and ETFs.

In other words: We take an excellent fund family… and make it even better.

Over the past 18 years, my subscribers and I have consistently outperformed the market — and generated annual returns that can make almost anyone’s retirement dreams come true.

The truth is our four portfolios of Fidelity funds have consistently produced annualized returns of between 7% and 9.2% since I started Fidelity Investor 18 years ago — but with far less volatility than in the market as a whole.

You can use my portfolio recommendations to supercharge your own portfolio beginning right now — and create a far more prosperous retirement than you may have thought possible.

You Can Beat the Market with Diversification
and Top Professional Money Managers

Why do most investors do so poorly with their hard-earned money?

It’s not because they’re not knowledgeable… and it’s not because they’re not motivated.

It’s because they’re distracted.

Wall Street knows this… and that’s why there has been such a huge push in recent decades toward index funds. According to the Investment Company Institute, as of year-end 2013 U.S. domestic index funds managed total net assets of $1.7 trillion.

That’s right: I said TRILLION.

But there’s one problem with this. Index funds, while convenient, come at an enormous cost: they only perform as well as the market as a whole.

But here’s the good news: a carefully designed portfolio of Fidelity Investments’ very best actively managed funds can significantly outperform the indexes, and with far less heart-stopping volatility.

Here’s why:

  1. Fidelity’s Funds Provide the Best Kind of Diversification. The worst mistake investors make is taking on too much risk. With Fidelity’s choice of over 500 funds, you greatly increase your diversification without sacrificing performance.
  2. Experienced fund managers outperform amateurs every time. Again, this is what these folks do for a living, all day long. Many have been at it for decades. They will almost always outperform the average investor.
  3. Fidelity’s managers are the best in the business. In every annual ranking of top performing mutual funds, Fidelity’s managers are among the top market-beating stock pickers.
  4. Fidelity’s top managers outperform the market by a huge margin. How do I know that?

Because our Fidelity Investor portfolios have done just that… for more than a decade and a half!

Our Fidelity Investor Growth Portfolio
Has OUTPERFORMED the Annual Return of the
S&P 500 for the Past 18 Years!

Over the past 18 years, the S&P 500 index has returned an average annual return of just 6.18%, including dividends.

In contrast, our Fidelity Investor Growth Portfolio has averaged 9.54% a year.

Just take a look at this chart and you’ll see my Growth Portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 by 217 percentage points.

Growth of $10,000
Growth Portfolio
Growth of $10,000
S&P 500
1998 $ 11,430.00 $ 12,860.00
1999 $ 16,196.31 $ 15,573.46
2000 $ 18,026.49 $ 14,156.28
2001 $ 16,440.16 $ 12,471.68
2002 $ 13,678.21 $ 9,715.44
2003 $ 18,533.98 $ 12,484.34
2004 $ 21,351.15 $ 13,845.13
2005 $ 24,724.63 $ 14,523.54
2006 $ 29,076.16 $ 16,818.26
2007 $ 31,954.70 $ 17,743.27
2008 $ 20,131.46 $ 11,178.26
2009 $25,989.72 $ 14,140.50
2010 $ 30,771.82 $ 16,275.71
2011 $ 30,833.37 $ 16,617.50
2012 $ 35,520.04 $ 19,276.30
2103 $ 45,536.69 $ 25,521.82
2014 $ 50,818.95 $ 29,018.31
2015 $ 51,530.41 $ 29,424.57
TOTAL RETURN:415.3% 194.2%

Gains of an additional 217 percentage points means A LOT over the course of your retirement — and for your immediate income!

It is literally the difference between potentially running out of money in, say, your 70s or 80s… and leaving your children, grandchildren, or favorite charities a legacy of potentially MILLIONS of dollars.

The difference between what the S&P 500 has handed investors over the past 18 years… and what a carefully selected portfolio of top Fidelity investments has done… could mean literally MILLIONS of extra dollars to you personally.

Let me prove this to you.

I want to tell you about a few of the very best Fidelity Investments for 2016 — and why I believe these fund managers could potentially TRIPLE the size of your retirement portfolio…

Fidelity Fund #1 for 2016:
Select Healthcare (FSPHX)
with Manager Eddie Yoon

My first pick for your portfolio for 2016 is Fidelity’s Select Health Care Portfolio Fund, helmed by Eddie Yoon.

Inimitable, and head and shoulders above even the best crop of giants you can find in the space, manager Eddie Yoon is a far a cry from average. And, this is not your average health care fund.

Yoon invests with an eye on the aging baby boomer population as well as the emerging market theme of new consumers demanding better healthcare.

As I mentioned, this is not your average health care fund – not in terms of its manager, performance, or holdings. Yoon invests in companies involved in the design, production, or sale of health care products and services. And he has a good eye for the winners.
Yoon’s Fund began trading in July 1981 and has a market value of over $7 billion.

Yours free!How has the fund done?

It’s averaged a highly respectable<11.89% a year for the past 10 years… and an eye-popping 15.76% for the life of the fund (1981).

I tell you all about this fund… and a lot more… in your copy of Fidelity’s Best and Worst Funds for 2016.

Fidelity Fund #2 for 2016:
Blue Chip Growth (FBGRX)
with Manager Sonu Kalra

Manager Sonu Kalra invests in blue chip companies that he believes have above-average potential for earnings growth.

Blue chips are defined as companies found in the S&P 500 or Dow, or companies having at least $1 billion in total assets if not included in either index, so there’s mid-cap leeway inbuilt into this fund’s parameters.

The fund began trading in December 1987 and has a market value of over $19 billion.

Battleship balance sheets are the best way to ply 2016’s charted and uncharted waters; you never know when the seas will turn turbulent, but you can rest assured that when they do, bigger is better.

Blue Chip Growth has a solid track record in stormy seas, producing an average annual return of 8.61% over the past 10 years and 10.99% for the life of the fund (1987).

You’ll learn all about it in Fidelity’s Best and Worst Funds for 2016.

Fidelity Fund #3 for 2016:
Select Consumer Staples (FDFAX) with Manager Robert Lee

With over a decade at the helm, the talented Portfolio Manager Robert Lee is a whiz picking consumer staple stocks. Over his tenure, Lee has consistently outperformed.

While delivering outperformance is important, Lee has managed to keep risk in line with the sector benchmark too.

It began trading in June 2004 and has a market value of over $3 billion.

As you might expect, this fund delivers solid gains year after year. In the past 10 years, it’s generated an average annual return of 10.96%. Since it began in 1985, it’s averaged 13.17%.

More details in your copy of Fidelity’s Best and Worst Funds for 2016.

The other piece of my formula in carefully designing a portfolio of Fidelity Investments’ very best funds, is to start with the very best managers who can significantly outperform the indexes…

We Measure the Top Performing
Fund Managers Over Decades

For over 18 years, I have been dedicated to making investing in Fidelity mutual funds safer and more profitable for investors, and I do this through a proprietary approach to selecting and evaluating Fidelity fund managers.

My proprietary Manager Ranking System (MRS) precisely measures just how skilled Fidelity fund managers are at selecting stocks, bonds, or a mix of both and how they have fared relative to the market.

My mantra is and always has been: buy the manager, not the fund.

Investing with a manager who has demonstrated his or her know-how through thick and thin markets — AND has outperformed against benchmarks and peer groups — makes for a smarter investment than investing with one who hasn’t.

And that’s especially true when the managers have done this… for DECADES.

Fidelity funds led by Fidelity’s best and brightest managers will be winners in any portfolio.

Start Your Risk-Free Trial TODAY!I give every manager what I call a “FI Ranking,” which is the rundown of a manager’s record.

The FI Ranking is calculated by averaging a manager’s risk-adjusted “career” relative return and his or her unadjusted “front-weighted average” outperformance.

YOURS FREEAnd now I’ve prepared a summary of my proprietary rankings of top Fidelity managers for 2016.

It’s called Fidelity Fund Manager Rankings.

I’ll tell you how to secure your valuable copy of this timely report… FREE… in just a few minutes.

Introducing Fidelity Investor

Of course, you have to balance performance with risk — and that’s where Fidelity Investor comes in.

We carefully balance the very best stock and income funds so that you get MAXIMUM growth… with substantially lower volatility compared to the S&P 500.

For example, our Growth & Income Portfolio includes Eddie Yoon’s Select Health Care Fund (8%) but we balance that with other Fidelity large-cap, income and sector investments to ensure we maintain a lower risk exposure than any one fund.

The result: Growth & Income Portfolio has produced eye-popping gains when the market is hot (26.7% in 2013)… but with far lower volatility.

During the 2008 stock crash, for example, this portfolio fell only 31% compared to 37% in the S&P 500.

In 2000, when the S&P 500 fell -9.1%, the Fidelity Investor Growth & Income Portfolio actually gained 11%.

In 2001, when the S&P 500 lost −9.53%, the Fidelity Investor Growth and Income Portfolio only lost 1.7%.

And last year when the market was basically flat –- while many other funds lost money, Fidelity Investor Growth and Income Portfolio did not –we matched the market and posted a positive return.

That’s why I believe that taking advantage of the very BEST Fidelity fund managers… and creating carefully balanced portfolios with them… is the single best way to invest for retirement and to produce income during retirement.

Don’t take my word for it.

Here is what a few of our subscribers say about growing their wealth with Fidelity Investor

“I have been a follower of Fidelity Investor for [years], and thanks to your sage advice, I am now happily and quite comfortably retired! Thanks for all the help and advice!”

R.F.B., Broomfield, Colorado

“Thank you for your great service and another year of great advice. I am an avid follower of your newsletter and recommend it to anyone who asks how I get my investment advice. I do use your portfolios for both my retirement and non-retirement savings. ”

— J.P.L., Concord, NH

“I have subscribed to your Fidelity Investor newsletter since 1999 and invest using several of your model portfolios. I really appreciate your investment guidance and the returns that have resulted. Thank you for all of your help!”

— M.M., Albuquerque, NM

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Now, I would like to personally invite you to try out my Fidelity Investor advisory newsletter.

I’ve seen so many hard-working Americans lose huge amounts of their savings over the past six years due to panic… bad advice… or ill-considered investments that rely upon blind index funds… that I feel I should do something to help.

As a result, when you accept a zero-risk trial subscription to Fidelity Investor, I’ll rush you detailed information about the Fidelity managed funds I just told you about.

But that’s just the beginning.

I’ll also send you ALL of my other up-to-the-minute Fidelity Investor recommendations for 2016 and beyond.

And then, every week from now on, I’ll continue to provide you with ongoing, real-world, professional wealth-building help and guidance with…

  • Portfolios for Different Investing Needs: I make recommendations for five separate Fidelity portfolios and to fit every degree of risk tolerance. They are designed to guide mutual fund investors based on the level of risk with which they are comfortable, whether they be conservative, moderate or aggressive investors. The Portfolios include Aggressive Growth, Growth and Income, Income, Global Quant and Growth. Each portfolio consists of eight or nine Fidelity managed funds.
  • My Monthly Newsletter: For over 18 years now, thousands of Fidelity investors have counted on Fidelity Investor for rock solid analysis of what’s going on in the overall market in general and with Fidelity funds in particular — and for specific recommendations for growing their retirement wealth faster. The monthly newsletter issues are the core of the Fidelity Investor advisory service that helps investors use the Fidelity family of mutual funds and ETFs to meet their financial goals. When you join us, you’ll discover why Fidelity Investor is one of the most respected investment advisories in America.
  • Weekly Hotline Updates: My regular weekly hotlines keep you abreast of changing market conditions, update our current recommendations, and provide up-to-the-minute analysis and changes to our strategy or buy list. I also share any new opportunities I see on the horizon, fill you in on the best Fidelity funds to invest in and which funds you should avoid.
  • Fast-Action Flash Alerts: Unlike many investment gurus, I believe you need to hear from me when urgent situations arise. As a result, I will send urgent Fast-Action Flash Alerts when the market moves 5% in either direction and I believe you should take action right away — either to sell or to buy.
  • Special Bonus Reports: I often see Fidelity funds that are underreported and which are full of profit opportunities. As a result, my team and I produce detailed special reports on various Fidelity sector funds and specialized opportunities. These special bonus reports are yours FREE as a subscriber to Fidelity Investor.
  • Performance Reviews: At Fidelity Investor, we believe in tracking performance on an ongoing basis and in considerable detail. As a result, we published extensive monthly performance reviews that analyze each component of our Fidelity Investor portfolios as well as provide an overview of the performance results of ALL Fidelity Investments funds for the past month, past 3 months, the previous two years, and the 36-month average. We also rank each fund according to risk.
  • Getting Started Guide: The quick start guide will provide you with information about the service and how you can get started with the Fidelity Investor model portfolios. Whether you’re new to Fidelity Investor or new to mutual fund investing, this guide can be your go-to resource. Deciding which model to follow is a personal choice. The best way to get started is to look at pages 2 and 3 of the newsletter, choose the portfolio appropriate for your investing comfort level and jump right in.
  • 24/7 Access to My Subscriber-Only Website and Archive. You can access all my current recommendations anytime you want, review past newsletter issues, my weekly hotlines, and special reports — all at your convenience.

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As a result, I’ve prepared a special report that gives you a simple, step-by-step plan for beating the market and creating a comfortable retirement fund. In 2016, I like a blend of solid defense and smart offense. In this bonus report, you’ll discover…

A break down of 11 terrific opportunities among the minefield of Fidelity sector choices. I can’t promise we’ll hit home runs like Fidelity Retailing did in 2015 (+18.4%), but you can bet your bottom dollar I won’t recommend a dog like Fidelity Natural Gas (-36.8%) either.

Many of Fidelity’s superstar managers are quietly piling up great returns in out-of-the-way and unglamorous corners of the market. While other investors miss out, you’ll know about them first and cash in alone. Including:
  • The perfect Fidelity fund that lets you cash in on the health care bonanza — a fund that has averaged 12% a year for the past decade…

  • The best place to park your cash for maximum returns and maximum safety…

  • A Fidelity sector fund in retailing that has earned 21% a year for the last three years in a row…

  • And much, MUCH more!

BONUS GIFT #3: Your 2016 Guide to Fidelity Fund Manager Rankings — a $39 Value, Yours FREE! For years, I have been dedicated to making investing in Fidelity mutual funds safer and more profitable for investors, and I do this through a proprietary approach to selecting and evaluating Fidelity fund managers.

My proprietary Manager Ranking System (MRS) reveals just how skilled Fidelity fund managers are at selecting stocks, bonds, or a mix of both and how they have fared relative to the market. Here at Fidelity Investor, we buy the manager, not the fund. Fidelity funds led by Fidelity’s best and brightest managers will be winners in any portfolio. I tell you about…

  • A manager’s risk-adjusted “career” relative return and his or her unadjusted “front-weighted average” outperformance…
  • Unadjusted career relative returns and 5-, 3-, 2-, and 1-year relative returns…
  • The manager rankings versus the performance of some “ideal” funds as a benchmark…
  • And more.

The Fidelity Funds We Recommend Are
Outperforming the Market by HUGE Margins!

As I mentioned earlier, for over 18 years subscribers to Fidelity Investor newsletter have watched as their retirement nest eggs and incomes grew substantially larger year by year.

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