Bloomberg - July 24, 2018

Trick and Treat Markets

November 2018

Okay, I could have summed up October’s markets without invoking a Halloween metaphor … but come on, it was a downright spooky market that may have left many investors feeling like they were being haunted from ghosts of Great Recession’s past. They're not. And we're not. Instead, we were all treated to volatility. And when I say “treated”, and I mean it. Volatility in and of itself is not a negative, and in fact can provide opportunity in the form of discounts or even upside gains.... Read more

One Unknown Down, More Unknowns Coming Up

November 8, 2018

Now is not the time to abandon our pursuit of long-term opportunities at near-term discounts. But doing so requires bolstered defenses that can withstand near-term uncertainties’ blows.... Read more

Climbing Peaks

October 18, 2018

Like climbing a mountain: The higher you go, the thinner the air, making every new hike up more laborious while simultaneously making a misstep more treacherous. But it’s also easy to mistake what you see in front of you as the highest peak … until you summit that and see a range, like the Rockies, crenellating to the horizon. Right now, from my fundamental view, I think we could climb higher, but the risks attending doing so have risen and are likely to continue to rise.... Read more

Fidelity Investor’s models have 10/31/2018 year-to-date returns of between -0.7% and 1.5%. The average Fidelity investor’s portfolio lost 4.9% in September.
Global Quant Growth1.4%9.8%
Growth & Income-0.4%7.3%
Annuity Growth1.3%6.6%
Annuity Growth & Income1.5%6.0%
S&P 500 3.0%11.4%
Fidelity Investor Index 0.4%5.6%

You don't want to own too many funds that are similar, but how do you tell?

A high correlation between funds may mean that your portfolio of funds is not as diverse as you might want it to be. While other tools may compare funds only to the S&P 500, you can use this tool to determine how closely the performance of one Fidelity fund tracks that of any other Fidelity fund. Compare all the funds that you own. To diversify, look for funds that have low correlation with one another.

Awarded ‘2016 Newsletter Honor Roll’ by the independent Hulbert Financial Digest

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