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Jed Weiss Speaks to Jim Lowell About His Leave of Absence

Jed Weiss, manager of International Growth (FIGFX) which we own in our Aggressive Growth Growth and Growth & Income model portfolios, and also manager of International Small Cap Opportunities (FSCOX), has announced that he will be taking a personal leave of absence from June 15 through November 29.

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Not an easy road ahead for growth

In this interview with CNBC, Jim Lowell notes that the U.S. jobs numbers continue to surprise in upside, against the backdrop of a strong U.S. consumer in terms of income, spending and savings rates. Lowell also noted that he expects a heightened volatility in the market place within the first 100 days of the Trump administration.

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Breaking Fidelity News: Abigail Johnson to Become Fidelity Chairman

File this breaking news under, “I told you so”. Fidelity has just announced that, after nearly 60 years at Fidelity, Edward C. Johnson III is retiring, and that Abigail Johnson will succeed him as chairman of FMR LLC, Fidelity’s parent company. Abigail Johnson has been in de facto charge of running Fidelity for more than a handful of years, and by mid-December, her leadership of the company will be made formal.

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